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Previously travelling abroad was a process to get mobile data coverage or signal . Generally, users had to find a place with a free WiFi signal that would allow them to establish a network connection . However, all this has changed in recent years thanks to data roaming as it is also known.

Roaming is simply what will allow you to continue using your mobile device outside your country , allowing you to enjoy your mobile data . However, in these cases it is important that you are aware of the usage as the prices for these services abroad are often very high .

Therefore, being able to enjoy this service will offer you the possibility to have mobile internet abroad and thus be able to communicate with your family and friends. In this way, we will show you what data roaming is and how it works .


What is mobile data roaming and how does it work?

Mobile data roaming is simply a service that allows users of the various mobile phones to continue using their smartphone when travelling outside their country of residence. All this is possible as it allows the customer to connect to mobile networks other than that of the contracted mobile operator.

This means that the customer can enjoy another mobile signal network when the network of the contracted operator does not have coverage . To this end, the telecommunications companies have previously established agreements with other operators around the world so that their equipment can connect to their networks when these do not have their own coverage. This is to avoid people having to switch off and put away their smartphone every time they travel abroad.

In order to enjoy this benefit it is necessary for the customer to have this service activated , to do so they must consult with their contracted operator before travelling outside their country. In some cases this service can be activated via the official website of the operator, by a phone call or directly in one of the corresponding offices .

It is worth mentioning that all this service is completely free throughout the EU since some years ago, this has made that European citizens can travel from one country to another with the same rate contracted in their country of residence , reducing considerably the costs of their bill. Because when using this service in the foreigner is usually charged by the minute, messages and MB consumed , and in case the whole service is consumed the extra balance will be charged on your bill .

Data roaming in Spain How much does it cost in the main operators?

Data roaming in Spain has become one of the most used mobile benefits by customers of the different telephone companies in the country . This is how the vast majority of operators offer this type of service to their customers so that they can continue to enjoy their smartphone while they travel to other countries in Europe or to the rest of the world .

According to this, here we are going to show you which are the most important operators in Spain that offer international roaming and which are the rates handled by each of them. However, before showing you each of them, it is important to mention that this service is totally free in all EU countries, so, Spanish users will not have to cancel anything if they travel to some of member countries .

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With this in mind, here we show you each of the Spanish operators that offer this type of service to their customers:


Movistar is one of the most important mobile operators in Spain , it stands out for offering a very advanced service and for having excellent coverage in almost all the national territory . In addition, this company has different rates according to the destination you are going to .

Therefore, here we show you which prices you have to pay according to the destination you are travelling to:

Movistar: Zone 2 (Canada, United States, Maghreb and Rest of Europe) Calls made Messages sent Navigation data 1.82 euros/min1.21 euros/SMS12.10 euros/MB
Movistar: Zone 3 (Rest of the world) Calls made Messages sent Navigation data 3.03 euros/min1.21 euros/SMS12.10 euros/MB


Orange also has very good price rates for users who need to travel abroad and their destination is outside EU member countries. Therefore, using your smartphone abroad with Orange will not be a problem as offers you special rates which we show you below:

Orange: Zone 2 (Canada, United States, Maghreb and Rest of Europe) Calls made Messages sent Navigation data 1.69 euros/min1.21 euros/SMS6.05 euros/MB
Orange: Zone 3 (Rest of the world) Calls made Messages sent Navigation data 3.03 Euro/min1.21 Euro/SMS12.10 Euro/MB
Orange: Andorra, Mexico, Morocco, Switzerland, Japan, China, Russia and Dominican Republic Calls made Messages sent Navigation data 7 euros/30 min per day1.21 euros/SMS7 euros/100 MB


Another Spanish company that offers this service to its customers is MásMóvil. It also stands out for offering accessible rates that can be acquired by the majority of its customers , thus enabling them to stay connected to their mobile while they travel outside Spain to different places in the world . This is why we show you the main MásMóvil rates .

MoreMobile: Zone 2 (Canada, United States, North Africa and Rest of Europe) Calls made Messages sent Navigation data 0.60 euros/minAccording to national tariffAccording to national tariff
MoreMobile: Zone 3 (Rest of the world) Calls made Messages sent Navigation data 1.81 euros/min0.72 euros/SMS6.05 euros/MB


Yoigo is another of mobile operators that allows its customers to enjoy international roaming while travelling around the world. To this end, it offers different rates in its prices that vary according to the destination to which you travel . If you are going to some of the EU countries this service will be free , but if you are going to travel to another destination here we show you the main prices of each of the services you can use.

Yoigo: Zone 2 (Canada, United States, Maghreb and Rest of Europe) Calls made Messages sent Navigation data 1.09 euros/min0.36 euros/SMS10.90 euros/MB
Yoigo: Zone 3 (Rest of the world) Calls made Messages sent Navigation data 3.03 euros/min1.21 euros/SMS12.10 euros/MB


Vodafone’s company was one of the first to offer this roaming service in Spain . The company has very accessible rates which allows all its customers to use this service every time they travel abroad. Therefore, if you are a member of Vodafone you will want to know what the prices are for your destination , so here you have the price list for your destination .

Vodafone: Zone 2 (Canada, United States, Maghreb and Rest of Europe) Calls made Messages sent Navigation data 1.69 Euro/min1.21 Euro/SMS6.05 Euro/MB
Vodafone: Zone 3 (Rest of World) Calls made Messages sent Navigation data 3.03 Euro/min1.21 Euro/SMS6.05 Euro/MB

In all other areas of the Vodafone company:

Vodafone: Andorra, Mexico, Morocco, Switzerland, Japan, China, Russia and Dominican Republic Calls made Messages sent Navigation data 15 Euros/20 min per day15 Euros/20 SMS15 Euros/20 MB

It is important to mention that all these prices mentioned above are subject to change , since each mobile operator is free to set the costs of its services as they think is right . However, these prices can be used as a reference when you want to activate data roaming with your operator .

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Steps to activate data roaming on all mobile operators to have internet abroad

In order to make use of international roaming it is necessary that it be activated both in the mobile phone and by the contracted operator . Generally, smartphones usually come with this option disabled as a security measure for users , the most advisable thing in this case is to activate it in the device and to call the operator to consult which are the tariffs that they have available and so that they activate this service , in case you are going to leave the country.

Accordingly, here’s how to activate this feature on both an Android and an iPhone by following these steps:


In case you have an Android device and you want to activate this function simply perform these steps:

  • Enter the “Settings” and select the “Connections” section.
  • There you must click on the “Mobile Networks” option.
  • In this window you must activate the “Data Roaming” option . To do so, make sure that the switch is activated .


If, on the other hand, you have an iOS device then you will need to activate this function by following these steps:

  • Enter the “General settings” of the equipment.
  • There you select the “Mobile Data” option.
  • Now in the “Mobile Data” tab you must activate the “Data Roaming” option, to do so ensures that the switch is activated .

Once you have activated this function in your smartphone settings , the next thing to do is to activate it at the phone company . Please note that this process will vary depending on your agency , so here’s how you can activate this feature with the major phone companies in Spain .


To activate this feature on Vodafone you will need to login directly to the official company website or from My Vodafone , you can also do this by calling * 102*3# or dialing the code *143#. It is also important to mention that customers who have activated the Base or Network rates already have this service in place so they do not have to take any of these steps.


For Movistar customers, will be able to activate this service by calling customer service 1004 completely free of charge or +34 699 991 004 in case you are abroad . You can also access My Movistar and from there you can set up this service in case you have to travel outside Spain .


Orange allows you to activate this service from their official website in the customer area , by going to “My Services”, you can also do this by calling the Customer Service number completely free of charge, but please note that you must call the number corresponding to your status , if you are a customer of private contract you should dial 470 or +34 656 001 470 if you are outside the country, or if you are a business contract customer you can dial 470 or +34 656 001 471 if you are outside of Spain.

In the case of card or merger customers, this international roaming service will already be operational by default. Therefore, they should not perform any processing for this.


In the case of Yoigo users will not have to do anything to activate this service on their devices, as by default all lines have this operational function .


If you are a customer of MásMóvil and you want to make this service operational before travelling abroad you will need to do so directly from the company’s official website by entering “Customer Area” or by calling 2373. Now if for some reason you are already outside Spain you can also activate it by calling +34 693 772 373 or by also entering “Customer Area” from the MásMóvil website .

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F.A.Q: Most common questions and answers about data roaming

Most users tend to have many doubts about this service, especially those who are using it for the first time. As previously known this service was not used very often due to its high costs in the tariff . However, the EU asked mobile operators to reduce these prices significantly, thus favouring most customers.

This is how currently data roaming is not charged within the EU due to a decree launched on 15 June 2017, all this and the price drop in the tariffs has made this service used by more people every day, which has led to more questions and doubts from users . That’s why here we’ll show you what the most common questions and answers are about roaming .

Does any of my operator’s plans have data roaming?

It is important to clarify that each of the mobile operators has its own rules and tariffs , i.e. not all of them have plans that offer data roaming, this will basically depend on each of the telephone companies.

For example, in the case of Yoigo all its rates have international roaming, so the customer will not have to request the activation of this service. In the case of other operators such as Vodafone or Movistar has exclusive plans with international roaming that will allow its customers to get excellent benefits when travelling outside Spain .

How long does it take for the service to be activated after requesting it?

In most phone companies, roaming service is usually turned off by default. This requires users to activate it and sign up for a plan if is the case when travels abroad . Fortunately, this activation can be done from the official website or simply through a phone call.

The activation time once requested is immediate . Therefore, once you ask your operator that you want to activate this service you can start counting on it immediately. This means that the user can request its activation on the same day of the trip without any problem.

Do I need to activate this service if I travel to Europe? And outside European borders?

If necessary activate the service when you travel to Europe or outside the European border It is important to note that each time you travel outside your country of residence you must be able to have roaming operational in order to benefit from the international rates . In case your destination is a country member of the EU you will simply continue to enjoy your current plan at the same cost as always, but you need to have this feature enabled.

As mentioned above, some phone companies already have this service activated on their lines , in this case it will not be necessary to request activation. However, you can check with your operator before you travel what the instructions are for this type of case.

Do I need to deactivate it when I return to Spain?

In general, when a data roaming activation is performed, the customer must specify whether he wants it to be permanently or only for a period of time. This means that if you are travelling alone for 30 days you can request that it remain active only for that time or in case you activate it permanently when you return to Spain you can deactivate it simply by contacting your company and requesting the deactivation of the service.

Please note that you can also be in Spain with activated roaming without any problem, this will not affect in any way the cost of the bill at the end of the month or the operator’s service .

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and for sure it will be of a great help for other members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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