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As new models of smartphones appear, their dimensions are increasing. This has several advantages and some disadvantages. In the particular case where you have to use more than one mobile phone the size of each one will be an important factor .

It is likely to be uncomfortable . We’ll show you that it’s unnecessary too. Thanks to a service that allows you to use two different accounts in a single messaging app, you can forget about having to carry around two devices.

It can be used, for example, to manage your home and work accounts on one device. You will find in this post, what this tool is about and how to use it as an expert .


What is dual messaging and what is it used for in telecommunications?

As mentioned in the introduction, this is a tool available on certain smartphones. It comes from native form (installed by the manufacturer, not Android) and allows you to configure two phone numbers on one phone.

It is important to note that Android only allows single installation . That is, you can’t have Telegram twice, for example. There is no function in the system to do the opposite.

And although the device has the ability to insert two SIM cards, the hardware manufacturer must include its own application to use them simultaneously. However, there are alternative methods of using this service. Using the Parallel Space app is one of them. This application allows you to clone some messaging services such as WhatsApp, Messenger and others.

To perform the cloning, the program creates a parallel space where we can add applications, even if we already have them installed.

Uses of dual messaging When can we get the most out of it?

There are multiple uses and advantages of using this technology. And like all things, it also has disadvantages. These vary according to the use we make of it . To clarify the matter a little more let’s see the following. You can use different data plans . Also, use a SIM from the country you are visiting, without having to remove the usual one.

Split the shares . If, for example, you are community manager and you don’t want to associate your social network accounts with your work accounts, it would be best to use separate applications. This will also protect you from possible errors such as posting personal entries on a company profile or brand you work for. This point can be valid for anyone who wants to maintain a clear division between work and personal life.

Unify the support . According to the above, it would also be convenient to use two or more mobiles instead of one. However, handling two phones means, controlling two batteries, charging with two power cables, carrying more items in your pockets, etc. This is why using the dual system is a great benefit.

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In this sense, the choice may also be a disadvantage. In the event of the device breaking down, we will not have a spare available. Or even worse, if the phone falls in the water both SIM cards could be damaged.

Another of the cons of the Dual system, is the little knowledge that users have about this utility. There are not many tutorials on the Internet that help us to activate it. For this reason we have prepared the following Step by Step.

List of mobile phone manufacturers

As mentioned above, Android does not have a native application for this tool and that is why each manufacturer imposes its own methodology to activate it. For this reason we’ll show you how to do it for each brand:


To activate Dual messaging, follow these steps:

  • Opens the menu of “Settings”.
  • Go to “Advanced Functions” .
  • Go to “Dual Messaging “.
  • Within this menu you will find the applications available for this system , activate or deactivate them by sliding the switch.
  • A confirmation window will pop up when this is done. Click “Install”.

You will find the icon of this application duplicated on the home screen, with the difference that one will have an orange motif on it.


While computers such as iPhone XS and later had dual SIMs, virtual SIMs were also added. However, the company does not provide an official tool to use for example WhatsApp with two numbers on the same computer.

However, there are third-party applications that allow this. It is important to note that installing and running these applications is at your own risk.

Follow these steps to install another WhatsApp:

  • Download and install TutuApp . You can do this from their official site.
  • Remember that you must have the option of “Trust” activated within the general settings.
  • Within the application, choose to install WhatsApp++ .
  • Continue with the steps indicated by the system until finished.


If your Xiaomi phone has Dual SIM, you can activate the dual messaging feature as follows:

  • Select “Configuration” (gear icon).
  • Under “Networks and SIM cards” select the desired chip.
  • Select if it will be the default for calls and/or messages.
  • Choose from which data plan will be used.

Once this is done, you can receive calls and messages addressed to both numbers.


This phone allows the use of twin applications, i.e. clones. This allows you to use messaging services with two different phone numbers.

Do this to configure it:

  • Press steadily on the application you want to duplicate. (Try WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger).
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Twin application”.
  • Slide to activate usage.

Once the installation is complete, the new App will appear on the phone’s desktop.


Motorola offers one of the most affordable ways to set up a second SIM for dual messaging.

  • Turn the phone off.
  • Depending on the model you may or may not have to remove the back cover.
  • Put the second chip in place. Make sure they match the size. That is, MicroSIM, NanoSIM, etc.
  • Turn the device back on.
  • Unlock the screen.
  • In an instant, a wizard will appear to configure the said SIM.
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Among the options offered you can choose which one will make calls, messages, from which line the mobile data will be obtained or if the system should ask you each time.


To make the configuration, it is very simple with mobiles of this company.

To do this you must:

  • Enter “Settings”.
  • Enter the menu “SIM Management”.
  • Activate or deactivate the options that appear according to your needs.
  • If you want to tell the system from which SIM you should obtain the mobile data, you should do the following:
  • Go back to “Settings”.
  • Go to “Mobile Networks”.
  • Click on “4G services” to enable it.
  • Choose from which SIM to connect to the Internet


The Chinese company is one of the largest owners of dual SIM devices. In order to configure them properly and thus access the two-number messaging service, follow these steps.

  • Place both cards in the tray (note that on some models the second card will replace the external memory in the slot).
  • In settings, use the tab “All settings” .
  • There you will find and enter “Dual SIM Settings” .
  • In this menu you can activate or not each of them.
  • Also choose which one will be used for mobile data, messages and calls.

A recommended option is that you personalize the name of the cards so you don’t get confused.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and for sure it will be of a great help for other members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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