How do I enable or disable Google Chrome plugins and extensions? Step-by-step guide

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Googe Chrome is the king of browsers , that’s for sure. The billions of users who use it every month are proof of this and, despite the many efforts of other browsers such as Edge, Firefox, Opera or Safari , it will remain so for many years to come. This is due to the fact that it is simply the best browser available today.

One of the reasons why Chrome is so popular is because of its great versatility that allows it to integrate other extremely useful tools to become the most complete browser of all. This is achieved thanks to its plugins or extensions , which are add-ons that can be installed on your interface to make it a customised workspace, just like the various Play Store applications.

In this guide we will teach you everything you need to know about Google Chrome plugins. You’ll learn how to install them, activate them, and we’ll share with you a list of the best plugins currently available in the Google Chrome extensions catalog to improve your browsing experience considerably.


What are they and what are Chrome browser plug-ins and extensions for?

Plugins are extensions that provide special functions to your browser , so that you can perform various tasks without having to leave your browser or use another program. There is a wide variety of these plugins, some of the most commonly used are

Ultimas extensiones disponibles Google Chrome

  • Security add-ons : these help you improve your browser’s security by blocking unreliable developer scripts that can expose your data.
  • Document add-ons : these will help you turn your browser into a workspace where you can write documents, make data tables and even create PDF’s without any limitations.
  • Advertising blockers : these are responsible for removing the ads that appear on each website, so that they do not hinder your browsing experience.
  • Finance plugins : these have functions related to money, there is a wide variety of them ranging from simple finance organizers to complex crypto coin systems.
  • Antivirus : these will scan any and all files you download to make sure they do not contain malicious elements such as malware, trojans and so on.
  • Productivity applications: those that help you in your daily work, if you work through the internet, there are many apps that make our lives easier.
  • Offline : these are add-ons that can be run without the need for you to be connected to the internet, in many cases they can save us from one or another predicament.
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Steps to install and activate the Chrome browser extensions

Installing Chrome extensions is as easy as downloading an application for your Smartphone. In three easy steps you can start using the extensions of your choice and make this browser a real personal sanctuary where you feel at ease with everything.

1 – Enter the Chrome Web Store

Just as there is a Play Store with all the applications for Smartphone, there is also a Web Store with all the extensions available for Chrome. This is the first step in installing an extension. You can do this at this link or simply by doing a Google search.

Once there, you must go to the ” Extensions ” section so that you can see all the available plugins, organized by category according to their utility.

Chrome Webstore extensiones

2 – Find your extension

Once in the Web Store, you must look for the extension you want to install. You can do this by browsing each section of the catalogue or simply by using the search bar and entering the name of the plugin you wish to install. Once you’ve located it, click on it so you can see its details and get information about everything you can do with it.

Buscar extension de Google Chrome

3 – Install the extension

You will see a button that says ” Add to Chrome “, this is all you need to do to make start the installation automatically without any problem. Once this is done you may have to restart the browser, but this depends on the type of extension and the complexity of the extension. In most cases you won’t have to.

This will complete the process , you have your plugin installed and you can start using it. Some will be displayed with an icon on the far right of the Chrome navigation bar , while others will only be used when necessary, it all depends on the type and use of the extension you install.

Instalar extensión en navegador Chrome

Where can we access to activate or deactivate Chrome plugins?

Despite its tremendous usefulness, having too many plugins installed can have a negative effect on your user experience , making the browser slow to load some pages. That’s why it’s recommended to keep only the plugins that will be needed active at any given time. To activate or deactivate them, what you need to do is very simple.

1 – Enter the browser settings

The first thing you need to do is open the settings page in your Google Chrome browser. To do this you simply need to locate the three overlapping points in the top right corner of the interface. Clicking on these will bring up a menu with multiple options, where you will have to select ” Settings “. This will open a new tab where you can see all the customizable aspects of the browser.

Entrar en configuracion Chrome

2 – Enter the “Extensions” section

Once on the settings page, you must click on the ” Settings ” option in the top left corner of the page, accompanied by three lines superimposed on each other. This will display a list of options, where you must locate and select ” Extensions ” which is almost at the end of it.

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ir a extensiones Chrome

3 – Activate and deactivate your extensions

Once in this section you will see all the plugins that you have installed in your browser. Each one has its own tab in which there is a switch , which is usually in blue symbolizing that the plugin is active. To deactivate it you must click on it and if in the future you wish to activate it again, you must simply do the same to enable it.

Como activar desactivar o eliminar extensiones de Chrome

On these tabs there is also the option ” Delete ” with which you can delete each extension in case you think you won’t need it anymore. However, if you need it in the future, you simply have to reinstall it and you will have no problem using it again.


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and for sure it will be of a great help for other members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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