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Sure, sometimes you’ve had the inconvenience that your browser doesn’t work or doesn’t go as fast as it should or you’d like, this is a very recurrent problem for Google Chrome users. Although the same is one of the most used web browsers in the world today, due to its reliability and fast performance compared to others. At times, this can be affected by various factors which we will detail below.

In this tutorial we will explain step by step, how you can correctly configure your web browser so that you can enjoy a better speed and performance when using it. Some alternatives need you to follow them exactly as indicated, as they can generate critical changes in the browser and a bad implementation will force you to reinstall it again.

Note that speed and performance are two very different terms, so it is possible that the changes you make in your browser will affect one side more than the other, i.e. it will increase speed or performance. So try to make as many adjustments as possible.


Steps and tricks to speed up download and navigation in Google Chrome

There are different tricks and steps you can use to improve the speed you can navigate using Google Chrome. As well as to optimize the performance of it, so that it doesn’t need a lot of resources on your computer. This is to relieve the load that the RAM has to work with when using the browser.

Remove extensions

You may have extensions installed in your browser that are not necessary and you may think that these don’t affect anything, but what you don’t know is that they can perform tasks in the background, causing web page loading to be reduced. Removing them is an option to improve the performance and speed with which your browser works.

How can you remove the extensions? Very easy:

  • Enter in Google Chrome”.
  • Click on the Options” button. It is located at the top right.
  • Choose “Configuration”.

ingresar en opciones usando google chrome

  • In the next window look for the option “Configuration” and choose “Extensions” .

ingresar en extensiones de google chrome

  • In the next window you can delete or deactivate all your installed ones. If you are going to delete them, just click on the “Delete” button, this will throw you a check box, click again on “Delete” and you have completed the procedure.

eliminar extensiones

Accelerate and Optimize Google Chrome

Although this is a pretty powerful browser, in certain cases it can consume a lot of space in your available RAM. This can be very negative for your computer in general, since it slows it down when performing other functions, not only that but also when using the browser. That’s why it’s necessary to optimise it so that it works correctly without affecting you.

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To perform the optimization you have to pay close attention to what will be presented next. Follow the steps with as much detail as possible, because you will have to edit the Google Chrome flags and an error or a bad configuration will cause damages and to solve them you will have to go through the process of reinstalling it.

  • Go to “Settings”. Find the option, “Advanced Settings” .
  • Then click on “System”.

ingresar en configuracion avanzada

  • You’ll disable the option “Keep running applications in the background when closing Google Chrome”.
  • The option of “Use hardware acceleration when available” will keep it enabled.

optimizacion del sistema en google chrome

  • Once these steps have been completed, restart the browser.

Configuration of the flags

This procedure should be done after you have finished the previous one correctly, remember to be very careful, because as you read before, a bad adjustment will cause irreversible errors in the browser and you will have to reinstall it, starting all the processes from scratch again to improve performance.

activaci¢n de flags en google chrome

  • To enter the flags configuration options, you must place the following path in the search bar of the search engine. Chrome://flags”.
  • The following options must be configured as indicated: Override software
  • Rendering list: ENABLE: Replaces the built-in software playlist, enabling GPU acceleration in unsupported system configurations.
  • Fast tab/window close: ENABLE: Allows fast tab or window close.
  • Smooth Scrolling: DISABLED: You can see that when you download the pages with the mouse wheel you will be pulled many times, in exchange for this, the system gives you more performance handling Google Chrome.
  • Show Autofill Predictions: DISABLE: Will annotate web forms with autofill field type predictions such as a placeholder text.
  • Hardware-accelerated video decode. ENABLE: When necessary you can rely on your hardware components to go faster on heavy tasks.
  • Automatic tab discarding: DEFAULT: If enabled, the tabs will be automatically discarded from memory when memory is low. You can retrieve them by clicking on them.
  • GPU rasterization: ENABLED: Will use your graphics card to rasterize web content.
  • SafeSearch URLs reporting: DISABLED: If this option is enabled, inappropriate URLs can be reported to SafeSearch.
  • You will have to restart your browser once you have finished these settings. To do this, click on the button that says “RELAUNCH NOW”, it will appear once you have made the first setting.

Eliminates unnecessary web applications

The process of removing the web applications that you have installed at the time and that you do not need now, is very simple. Removing these programs from your browser will not affect it in any way. On the contrary, it will improve the speed with which you can work, as there will be no different sub-tasks that can be managed simultaneously.

  • To enter this section, type the following address in the search bar: Chrome://apps”.
  • In this window you will choose which application you will remove.
  • Right click on it and choose the option “Uninstall from Chrome”.
  • Confirm , that you want to delete it and you have completed the task.
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eliminar aplicaciones webs en google chrome

Delete images and files from the cache

The cache can get filled with a lot of junk information, so this will affect the speed with which it can work. As a result, RAM can also be affected, causing it to fill up and slow down all processes.

To clear the cache you have to do the following:

  • Enter in “Configuration”.
  • Click on “History”.
  • Choose the option “Delete navigation data”.

borrar datos de navegaci¢n en google chrome

  • A window will appear, in which you click on the tab “Advanced Settings”.
  • You can only choose the option “Cached files and images”.
  • Click on the button “Delete data”.

borrar la memoria cach‚ del navegador

Update Google Chrome

Keeping your browser up to date is very important, this task can solve program and application bugs that cause slower performance, even with updates from the manufacturer. This can help you improve performance.

To update your Chrome browser you need to do the following:

  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Choose the “Help” option and then click on “Google Chrome Information”.
  • The system will scan the browser, and if there is an update it will download it immediately, you just have to restart the browser to complete the process.

actualizar google chrome

Use the page prediction service

This functionality allows your browser to load the web pages more quickly, as well as filling in forms and other user data automatically. Just log in:

  • Open “Configuration”.
  • Choose “Advanced settings”.
  • Go to the section “Privacy and Security”. You will activate the option “Use a prediction service to load pages faster”.

utiliza el servicio de predicci¢n de paginas

Removes software and malware

Without a doubt, viruses and malicious software can cause crashes and slowness in both your browser and your computer. That’s why it’s necessary to constantly clean and check it to keep it working properly and to keep it safe.

There are different methods for doing this, for example, using an anti-virus to scan all the files on the PC. However, Google Chrome contains a tool to perform this task.

  • Open “Configuration”.
  • Choose “Advanced settings”.
  • Click on the option “Recover settings and delete” .
  • In the section “Find and remove malware” click on “Search” .

limpiar ordenador desde google chrome

Upgrade your computer hardware

Sometimes the slowness of navigation is due to the fact that the user does not have a computer that supports the system, this because has little RAM memory or a processor with low power. You can see how to improve your computer’s RAM memory from here.

To solve this flaw you must execute the following. Remember that your computer must have at least 2 GB of RAM, if this is not the case, add an extra one to help you. It should be noted that the larger this is, the better the performance and speed of the browser.

Use programs or extensions to improve performance

Some programs and extensions that you can find from the Google store dedicated to them, can improve the performance and speed with which the program works on your computer.

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Here is a short list of what you can use for this purpose:

  • Chrome Cleaner Pro
  • Web Boost
  • Speed-Up Browsing
  • Private Browsing
  • OneClick Cleaner for Chrome
  • Better Browser
  • SpeedyFox

Reinstall Google Chrome

If you have done all the above steps and your browser is still slow, it is possible that this is due to a bug in the program, so it is better to do a completely clean installation of the program. If you want to improve the experience when using it, you can make the configurations previously explained to have a better performance and speed from the beginning.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and for sure it will be of a great help for other members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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