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You’ve probably started to notice something strange about your Internet connection , maybe it’s starting to slow down a bit, or new devices are appearing connected to it and you don’t know who they are. Note that it is quite possible that there are other people stealing your WiFi network.

Currently there are many WiFi thefts , either by applications or hackers, which has made all these wireless connections much more susceptible. One of the ways you can detect if there are intruders on your internet network is if your connection becomes intermittent or starts to lose speed constantly. Another reason to find out if your internet is being stolen is if your connection starts to get fast early in the day and over the course of the day the signal gets slower, or sometimes non-existent.

So here’s how to detect potential intruders on your WiFi network and how to disconnect them from your mobile phone or computer, preventing them from stealing your WiFi signal and slowing down your connection.


Steps to detect and check who has connected to your Wi-Fi network

Being able to know if your connection is being stolen is something that is possible today . This has become a great tool as it allows us to be more secure against possible intruders or cybercriminals . So here are some of the ways you can check that people have entered your wireless network without your permission, by following these methods.

On your Windows computer

It’s important to mention that this type of topic covers a lot of content, that’s why here we’ll try to be as specific as possible so that you can get good results and prevent them from continuing to steal your connection.

To do this, if you have a Windows computer, perform the following steps:

  • To start with all this it will be necessary to enter the configuration of our network adapter, this in order to check the gateway. To do this, we’ll go to “Control Panel” and then “Networking and Internet”.

En tu ordenador Windows

  • Now you will see four options on your screen, click on “Network and Sharing Center”.

En tu ordenador Windows

  • In the new window that appears on the screen we select the network that offers us the connection, in this case, it is a cable connection.

En tu ordenador Windows

  • When we select the network option, a new window opens, there we select “Details”.
  • This is where the gateway we’ll need to use to access the “Router configuration” will appear.
  • Now with the command that appears in the “Gateway” option we use it to continue the process. There can possibly be different paths, which is why we have to choose the IP address that is most similar to ours.

En tu ordenador Windows

  • Once we have the IP address all that remains is to enter the browser of your choice and in the web address bar copy the IP and press “Enter”. Guide to entering the router here.
  • This will send us to the configuration menu of your router. Please note that this will vary depending on the equipment we use.
  • Here you will access the configuration menu of your device.
  • Once inside the “Configuration” of the equipment we go to the wireless section, “Wireless or Wi-Fi” this will basically depend on the equipment we use. Here you will see different options, in this case “Station info” is used, can also appear as “Client List” or similar names to these two.
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En tu ordenador Windows

  • Now you will see a new window with a box, there you will see who is accessing without your consent and is stealing your WiFi.

En tu ordenador Windows

Note that once you have done all this, and verified that there are other users stealing your wireless connection, you will need to find a solution to stop this. In this case what you can do is change the password for it or in that case create one if you don’t have it . In this way you can prevent other people from continuing to benefit from your services for free and downloading your connection features.

For MacOS

In the case of MacOS you can also detect that intruders are using your WiFi network and therefore it has started to work more slowly or the connection drops out from time to time, causing bad service and inconvenience when using the connection.

It is important that whenever you have a wireless connection you take into account the highest possible security, as anyone with a little computer knowledge could violate the access to your network and start stealing it from you. Here’s how you can detect potential intruders on your Internet.

To do this it is possible to use different programs that we find on the market, one of the most recommended is Wireless Network Watcher, to use it follow these steps:

Download Wireless Network Watcher

    • Start by downloading the program to your computer and then installing it . Note that you can download in a ZIP file with all the program information.
  • The next step will be to decompress this ZIP file and then run the program exe.
  • Once executed and after a few seconds the program will automatically start to throw you a list with all the devices that are connected at that moment in your WiFi network.

Para MacOS

  • In case you do not recognize the computers listed, you can select each one of them by right-clicking on the device. There you can see the specifications of each one, as well as the MAC address of it. This way you can tell that devices are connected to your wireless internet without your authorization.
  • In this case, it is recommended that you change the WiFi password, so that all equipment will be ejected from the connection and you only reconnect equipment that is authorized by you.

From your Android or iPhone phone

In case you are using the WiFi network of your mobile device, whether Android or iPhone, and you have doubts that there are other people stealing your Internet, you can start using some mobile applications that will help you discover this kind of things.

In this case we’ll use the “Fing Network Scanner” app. This tool is available for Android devices and iOS . It’s completely free and you can get it from Google Play or the App Store . It is also very light and easy to use.
Fing - Escáner de red

DownloadQR-CodeFing – Network ScannerDeveloper:Fing LimitedPrice:Free

‎Fing - Escáner de red

DownloadQR-CodeFing – Network ScannerDeveloper:Fing LimitedPrice:Free+

  • The first thing you will have to do is download the application to your terminal.
  • Once installed you will have to start “FIng Network Scanner”.
  • When the application starts, the first thing it will do is show on screen how many and which devices are connected to your WiFi.

Desde tu móvil Android o iPhone

    • One of the main advantages of this program is its speed in detecting equipment linked to the WiFi network. So much so that even the router itself from which the wireless connection departs will be displayed.
  • Now you have to identify each of the computers that appear on that list, there you will be able to see which computers are using your network. In case only those you know or authorize appear it means you don’t have any intruders. However, this action is recommended every few months or, because these intruders can enter at times other than when you check. Therefore, you should be lucky to find out who else is using your wireless connection.
  • In the event that a device appears that you do not recognize, you can click on it. This will access its specifications, such as make, model, Mac address, among other features that will help you know whether or not to remove the device from your network .
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It is important to mention, that it is recommended to make this process when your Internet goes from a good operation to a bad operation, that is to say, from being working in a fast and even way, to lowering its speed and to failing the connection of the same one simultaneously . This usually happens when you start stealing your WiFi.

Without using programs

One of the best ways to prevent intruders on your WiFi network is by using the MAC filters . This involves creating either a blacklist or a whitelist, the latter being the easiest to use. Here it’s a matter of creating a list of devices that can’t access your network or simply making a list with the MAC of devices that can access your network.

That is, only those devices that appear on that list will be able to enjoy your WiFi. To do this just follow the instructions below.

    • The first thing to do is to enter the address of your IP in the address bar of your favourite browser. Please note that you must have both the username and password of your router.
  • Once you’ve entered the menu, you’ll need to look for the “Administration Panel”.
  • Then you look for the “Filters by MAC”. In case you have already detected the intruder and have his MAC address you can copy it and enter it in the black list to block his access to the network.
  • Another way to avoid these intruders is by filtering only the MAC addresses that you want to connect to your WiFi network. To do this, simply create a white list with the MAC address of the devices that will allow you to use your wireless connection . This is considered the best way to control this, as only you decide who uses your internet.

How do you block and expel intruders to prevent them from stealing your Wi-Fi signal? List of security measures

Having your WiFi stolen on a daily basis and at every moment can be very annoying, as a stranger is taking advantage of your services without any cost or permission and can also be damaging your signal . So, you want to take quick and effective solutions to be able to block the Wi-Fi signal and expel the intruders who steal your signal.

The best thing is that there is a way to definitely expel these intruders, p to do this you will need to follow the steps explained below:

  • The first thing we’ll do is use the IP address of the router, which we’ll copy into the browser’s search bar . In order to access the device’s configuration you must know both the user and the password .
  • Once you have entered the menu, you will find an option called “Control Access”, “MAC Filtering”, “MAC Filter ” or other similar names, please note that this will depend on the brand of the router you are using.
  • In this section you will have to add the MAC address that you do not want to be connected on your wireless network .
  • Here you just select the “Block Mode” option and copy the full MAC address of the device that is stealing your Internet. Once this is included and saved you will not be able to access the network anymore.

¿Cómo bloquear y expulsar a los intrusos y así evitar que te roben la señal Wi-Fi? Lista de medidas de seguridad

Another way to avoid possible intrusions in your wireless network is by taking a series of security measures that will help you to have a better security in your connection.

Between them we can apply the following:

  • Constantly change your router password , this is a measure that we must apply every week or at least every fortnight. This will help eliminate people who for some reason have taken your password or discovered it.
  • If you have noticed a new device connected to your WiFi network, you can change both the name and the password of it immediately.
  • Choose a password with a WPA2 encryption for added security. All routers offer different security options for the wireless connection. It is best to avoid WEP passwords and use WPA2 encryption, as they offer greater security.
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Better programs and applications to know who is connected to your wi-fi network and is stealing your bandwidth

Today there are a lot of programs and applications that allow you to discover who is connected to your WiFi network . This way you can tell if there is an intruder stealing your connection .

Especially if you have doubts about this or your Internet has started to slow down or even lose connection simultaneously.

So here are some programs you can get for free that will help you discover which mobile devices or computers are connected to your network.

Microsoft Message Analyzer

Microsoft Message Analyzer

We start the list with this program from Microsoft, a very up-to-date tool that is capable of capturing and analyzing all system traffic . It also has a tracking system that will allow you to analyze each log file.

This program has been improved and updated to become the successor to Microsoft Network Monitor , and will help you detect which people are violating your security and stealing your Internet connection. It does this by displaying tracking, logging and other system message data. It also uses an online display and graphics to be able to obtain all possible system statistics.

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

If you are one of those users who have small wireless networks and want to keep it safe from any possible intruders you can use SoftPerfect, which becomes one of your best options.

It should be noted that today wireless networks have been improving their security system, where they have gone from WEP passwords to WPA2 encryption thus offering a better security system. However, we are in a world where everything is moving forward and weaknesses are becoming more and more apparent. This is how these networks today are not spared from being attacked and constantly having their security violated.

Wireless Network Watcher

Wireless Network Watcher

This program is available for Windows computers and will teach you through an analysis all the computers and mobile devices connected to your WiFi network . This allows you to keep a record of who is accessing your connection and to discover and block intruders.

Each of the devices shown in the list provided by Wireless Network has the following data, IP address, MAC address, company and name of the device.

Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner

One of the lightest applications on the market, moreover, does not require any installation, allowing you to use it anywhere. Its main function is to find IP addresses in any range. It provides a record of all devices that are connected to your WiFI network.

Among its main features is that they offer the name of the computer, its MAC address, scans ports, among others. A very useful tool to be able to be informed of any possible intruder in the network.



This analyzer program is currently the most widely used worldwide , and among its main features we can find that it allows you to see which devices are connected at each moment in your wireless network . Wireshark is used by many companies and businesses on a large scale and best of all you can get it completely free which gives it a touch of greater credibility.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and for sure it will be of a great help for other members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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