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Youtube is the largest video platform in the world today , it has a wide variety of content, both recorded and live, and therefore in some cases, said content is not suitable for a child audience , as well as people sensitive to it.

And currently on the platform not only videos are shared, but also in the comments and community sections you can see different materials, such as images or web links that contain content unsuitable for minors.

For this and many more in this tutorial we will explain step by step how to block Youtube from any browser, mobile device . Even blocking channels or comments from different accounts.

Steps to block Youtube in any browser

There are a variety of methods to block Youtube in any browser preventing any user from accessing this website. In this tutorial we will explain different methods you can apply, you can even use several at once. To make sure that they can’t enter.

Block any web from the Hosts using Windows or Mac

This procedure allows you to block any web page you want, no matter what browser the user tries to use to enter it. It is a somewhat complicated procedure, but by paying close attention and following the steps as explained you will be able to achieve it.

For Windows 10, 8, 7:

  • To begin, you must first make a change or modification to the hosts file. The hosts file can be found by the path of C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc.
  • To do this you enter “local disk”.

disco local windows 10

  • In the desktop address bar, type the path: C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc.+

barra de direccion de escritorio windows 10

  • Press ” Enter ” on your keyboard and you will see a screen where you can locate the file you are interested in, which is the hosts file. Then open the ” notepad in administrator mode” or with administrator permission.
  • To do this you have to locate the notepad application on your computer, simply position yourself in the search bar and type in the name, of the program “notepad”
  • Next, in the notepad application, right-click , then choose the option ” run as administrator” .

abrir blog de notas como administrador windows 10

  • After that you have to open the hosts file from its specific path. To do this you look in the file option in the notepad and click on the open option.

abrir archivo en bloc de notas windows 10

  • A tab will open and at the top you write the specific path of the file: C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc . Remember to have the ” All Files” tab selected so that it shows you all the files in the selected path.
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abrir ruta de archivo hosts

  • Then select the hosts file and it will open that file in the notepad.

ubicacion del archivo hosts windows 10

  • Once this is done, you only have to change some parameters of the file, to do so. You will go to the code line of 127. 0.0.1. Press ” Enter “to create a new line, in this line you write again , followed by the page you are going to block in this case Youtube.com
  • It has to stay that way: 127 . 0.0.1 Youtube.com (the space between the numbers and the web address must be removed by pressing the tab key on your keyboard)

archivo hosts abierto en windows 10

For Mac computers

The steps to do this configuration in a computer with a Mac operating system is very similar to the previously explained, so it will not be so explicit.

  • You must start the Terminal application and run the following line: sudo nano /private/etc/hosts
  • You will need to enter your user account password to log in and make changes.
  • Now you will look for the following address: 127 . 0.0.1 once you have located this one. You will create a new line for entering text. In it you will write the following: www.youtube.com .
  • In the same way as we explained in the previous segment. Once you have finished you can save all the changes
  • Press Ctrl + X to close and Y (Yes) to save the changes.

The biggest advantage of this method is that you can block different sites by doing the same procedure. All you have to do is add the same code and a new web address.

How can we block YouTube channels, users and comments?

It is possible to block channels, users and even comments on Youtube whether you are using a mobile device or a computer, just follow a few simple steps to complete the task.

From a Windows or Mac computer

To block a user, you have to go to their profile or channel and there you have to place the option “About” click on “The flag” and there choose the option “Block user”.

bloquear usuario en youtube

Once this is done, you will not be able to see or observe comments from that user, this procedure can be done in any browser and in any operating system.

In order not to watch the content of a channel, is only possible if the owner of that channel blocks you . This way you can’t comment on the channel’s videos either.

From the APP for Android and iOS

Blocking a user from a mobile device is much easier. In this case we’ll explain how to do it from a Android device, however you can follow the same steps to do it from a IOS device

  • Access on the youtube app.
  • Find the channel or profile of the user you want to block.
  • Ubica¸ the ” Options Menu”. (This is in the upper right are three dots)
  • Once you have clicked on that option, you will have to choose “Block user” .
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bloquear usuario en youtube desde android

  • Confirm the action you want to perform and you’re done.

*Note: On iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads the procedure is identical.

How do I block inappropriate content on YouTube and turn on parental controls for children?

It may be useful to block certain inappropriate content, because for personal reasons this is more beneficial than blocking the website itself. Parental controls are available for this purpose.

It prevents children from viewing content on youtube that is not right for them, because it is too violent, rude etc.

To activate this control, you have to do the following:

  • Go to Youtube .
  • Opens the options menu .
  • Choose “Settings” (it’s a symbol for a gear).
  • Once there, scroll down until you find the option “Restricted Mode Off”.
  • When you click, a small new menu will appear, in which you will choose the option “Activated ” and click on “Save”

activar modo restringido de youtube

Activate restricted mode on Android and IOS

On mobile equipment there is also this mode which allows you to significantly reduce the exposure of inappropriate content to children, for this you have to do the following:

In Android

  • Access your profile and select “Settings or configuration”.
  • Then click on “General”
  • Finally, activates the Restricted Mode.

On iPhone

  • Access your profile
  • You select “configuration”
  • You are looking for the option “Restricted mode”
  • You set the Filter option to “Strict”

How do I block You Tube on a Smart TV?

You can block Youtube on your Smart TV , it’s very simple, you just have to perform a series of steps to achieve it. This procedure may vary depending on the type of manufacturer, please take this into account when following the tutorial.

Block Youtube on a Smart TV:

  • Press the ” Smart Hub” button , in the application panel, select ” Applications or Apps”.
  • Select ” My Applications” .
  • Select the icon “Configuration”.
  • Now, you will choose ” Lock/Unlock My Applications “.
  • You have to enter your Smart TV PIN. (This is the default: 0000). Only in case you haven’t changed it.
  • Select the application you want to block. (Youtube) in this case.
  • Press “Save”.

To open those blocked applications, you will need to place the pin of the Smart TV. If you want to unlock an application on your Smart TV, just follow the same steps as above, choose the blocked application and place the pin code to finish the process.

List of applications to block Youtube on Android

In the Play Store you can get a lot of applications that can block access to other websites and apps, in this case it is interesting to restrict access to Youtube , for this we recommend two applications that you can try for this purpose.

BlockSite – Block Distracting Apps & Sites

Blocksite , is an application that allows its users to block websites, as well as apps, directly from the program. It is very easy to use. To activate it you have to do the following:

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BlockSite - Block Distracting Apps & Sites

DownloadQR-CodeBlockSite – Block Distracting Apps & SitesDeveloper:BlocksitePrice:Free

  • Enter the app
  • Choose the option ” Enable”.
  • Press “I understood ” when prompted
  • Now press ” BlockSite” (you will probably have to scroll down to locate it).
  • Activate the grey switch
  • Tap “OK” when prompted and finally enter your device PIN if requested.
  • Press the “+” icon to add.
  • You will have two options ” Website and App”. Position yourself as you wish or both.
  • On website, you have to place the web page to be blocked. You are interested in youtube, so you will place the following: youtube.com, click on the check icon to finish.
  • Now you choose the APP option . And you click again on “add”
  • You choose the application you want to block (Youtube).

Blocksite also works as a browser plug-in , you can download it into your Chrome or Firefox browser and use it to block unwanted websites.

Norton Family parental control

Norton Family parental control

DownloadQR-CodeNorton Family parental controlDeveloper:NortonMobilePrice:Free

This app allows you to have greater control over the applications and websites that a child visits, you only need to have it installed and configured in the parameters you want to know in order to obtain the necessary information. It can be used in conjunction with other applications to enhance security .

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and for sure it will be of a great help for other members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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