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You probably have a WiFi network and have started having some connectivity and security issues lately. Usually when installing this type of network it is important to have knowledge before and after installation. As this will help you to perform the best possible control so as to ensure optimum performance .

WiFi audits are performed with the aim of finding any security risk action on networks , and is widely used mainly by companies . However, it is also recommended for home networks .


So, here we will explain how you can do this type of control and start detecting network problems .

What are the most common connectivity issues that my Wi-Fi may have and what causes them?

¿Cuáles son los problemas de conectividad más frecuentes que puede tener mi Wi-Fi y sus causas?

In general, the most frequent problems that a wireless network can present are related to connectivity, security and speed . Therefore, all this can be linked to different factors such as the router, the quality and the power of the signal . So, here we will explain a bit about what the most frequent problems are and their main causes .

The power and quality of the signal

Both the power and the quality of the signal will depend very much on the operation of the network, and this is one of the most common drawbacks for most users, whether for businesses or for wireless connections in the home.

It is important to take into account that there are many factors that can become obstacles and interference in the signal , such as walls, doors, windows, furniture, appliances , among others.

All these objects can prevent the signal from being transmitted with good quality and power so that it can reach everywhere. This basically will depend on where the router is placed.

It is best to place the device in a central place in the house or company and above all that it is open. One of the most common errors is to place the equipment inside the rooms or in closed rooms , seriously affecting the data transmission .

Cable problems

In the event that your router has intermittent or failed connectivity , this may be due to the fact that the cable length is much longer than the recommended segment length of the Ethernet cables .

The most recommended in these cases is to use the following measures:

Cable type Cable length 10BASE-2 coax cable185 feet meters/60710BaseT cable category 5100 íes meters/328

In the event that the distance of the connection exceeds these limits you need to use a wireless jump or a fiber, they work as a repeater and this will ensure a good connection. This is because such interference commonly occurs when there are distances that exceed the limits and data transmission is lost.

In case you want to check if your failure is due to a cable problem you should test the connection to the access point or to the bridge using a much shorter cable. This will let you know if the fault is there.

Radie’s power efficiency

Generally, when the AP and its associated clients are installed, can become a problem, especially if these are too close together , which can cause the AP clients to disconnect and affect the signal strength.

One way to correct this is by saving clients away from the AP or simply reducing the power of the AP. Either of these two methods are valid and you will surely notice an improvement in the power output.

Radio interference

Before acquiring a wireless connection it is important to carry out a study of the site under normal conditions to really know how the device will behave and function . It is important to know that the behavior of radio frequency can vary with the physical properties of the site .

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Please note that connectivity problems can only be solved in different areas if favourable environmental conditions are taken into account .

It is important to consider that materials made of wood and steel generally absorb RF energy, as well as other objects when they have water content . In addition, appliances such as microwaves and smart phones can become a signal interference when APs are placed .

Slow connection

A slow connection can be due to several factors, one of which is the place where you have connected the router within the company or the house . It may also be that there is not enough bandwidth , resulting in a very slow signal.

This will become even more pronounced when there are several devices connected to it , one of the simplest solution is to allow the connection of 2 or 3 devices maximum to the network , this will help you to improve the speed of the Internet .

What is WiFi Analyzer and why should I use it to audit my wireless network? Benefits

There are currently a large number of WiFi analyzers on the market , these are just tools that take care of analyzing the entire network and looking for each of the channels to know which one has better power and take advantage of it.

In the case of the WiFi Analyzer tool its main function is to analyze all the wifi networks present on the site , including those that are hidden. This will allow you to find out what their signal quality is . This application also obtains the signal strength by the PLC in case it is installed in the network.

Analyzer has become a very useful application that is capable of displaying data such as GHz signal, signal strength, the MAC code of the router, the type of encryption used, the IP of the equipment manufacturer , among many others. Taking all this into account, we explain below what each of its advantages are.

Allows you to measure the signal

Te permite medir la señal

Analyze r gives you the ability to see how the network is doing over a given period of time , meaning that you can see how fast or slow the signal is . This ranges from the -100 dBm to the -40 dBm , if it reaches the point of the signal green means that it has an optimal performance.

Provides a list of PAs

It has become an ideal tool for getting information and data from routers and access points that are close to. This way you can find out the MAC of the devices, the channels they use, the security type and the manufacturer .

You can get more strength for the signal

Another of the most important factors of the application is that it gives its users the possibility to obtain a higher strength for the Wifi signal . This will let you know which point in your home or business is the best for the location of the equipment.

You can find out which is the best channel

Puedes conocer cual es el mejor canal

One of the great advantages of this application is that it gives you the possibility to know in which channel you are and which are the best channels. This gives you the chance to choose those that are performing best.

Steps to perform a full audit with “WiFi Analyzer” to detect Internet connection problems

This application has become one of the best tools to be able to analyze and detect every Internet connection problem . Therefore, Analyzer will give you the opportunity to optimize your Wifi network and thereby start to avoid signal interference with other networks .

It is important to mention that this application is completely free and available for both computers and mobile devices . With this in mind, here’s how you can do all this through this app. To do this, follow these steps:

Download and install the software

    • The first thing to do is to download the WiFi Analyzer software directly from the Windows 10 Store , or from Google Play.
  • Once is downloaded and installed , the next thing to do is to run it in order to access each of the options it offers.

Descargar e instalar el software
Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer
Wifi Analyzer
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Detect the network we are connected to

Detectar la red a la que estamos conectados

To be able to continue the process correctly and get the most out of the application it is important to be clear which network we are connected to, as well as which band is working on whether it is 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz . It is important to be clear that in the case of the 2.4 Ghz band is much better when is further away from the router .

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In the case of the 5Ghz is quite the opposite, presenting better yields at short distances .

Therefore, the first important decision to be made is to identify the network, in the case that the router is very close the best option will be to use the 5 Ghz . However, if it is a little further away, it is best to connect to a traditional wireless network that is 2.4 Ghz .

Start the process

Comenzar el proceso

Once everything is clear and the network is identified, the next thing to do is to click on the “Analyze” button in the app. Here you will be shown a list of the networks that are within range and you will also be shown a graphic with the channels found there . Note that if your network is too overlapping you will get more interference and this will cause you more inconvenience .

Now we will have to make a new decision , this is the communication channel, keep in mind that to do this we need to have basic knowledge about what we are doing . In this case it is necessary to go to the router and change the channel to change it and try to put it on those channels where does not match any other network.

It is also important to note that these overlaps may vary depending on the location of the connection . Therefore, you should check both the access point where the device is located and where the router is located so that you can check if other networks overlap with ours .

Knowing all this, you can already have a clearer idea of where you can achieve a signal improvement . It is also fundamental that the router has a good orientation, in the case that has antennas these should be oriented towards the outside of the house, avoiding that the same ones are locked . Keep in mind that the higher it is the better the connection.

How do I fix the connectivity issues shown in the WiFi Analyzer report?

When we perform an analysis with Wifi Analyzer we can easily know what problems are affecting our connection and in the same way be able to take the necessary measures to start solving them in order to obtain the maximum performance of the wireless network.

In general, this program will always show you the overlap that exists between your connection and all the others nearby , keep in mind that the more overlapping the network is, the greater the signal problems, as each interferes with the other. Therefore, the best thing to do in this case is to enter the router and make the configuration necessary to change the network channels. To do this we perform the following steps:

Accessing the device

To access your computer’s configuration you only need to know the IP of the gateway , this will vary according to make and model , but it mostly works with one of these two or .

We enter the system

When you have entered the IP address correctly in your browser’s address bar, a new window will open, there you have to enter the username and password, in case you don’t know it you can try one of the following:

  • User: Admin – Password: Admin
  • User: Admin – Password: password

Modify the channel

Once you have entered the device configuration, the next step is to look for the “Wifi Connectivity” section, from this section you can modify the broadcast channel where you can reduce interference or bandwidth , this will allow you to achieve greater speed and better performance.

List of the best alternative tools to WiFi Analyzer to detect failures in my local network

Today there are many programs for both computers and mobile devices that are able to perform a audit of wireless networks and thus know what are the failures of the local network. One of the most important and popular currently is WiFi Analyzer, which we mentioned and explained earlier.

Taking all this into account, here we are going to show you the main alternatives to this application and which are the best ones currently to carry out this process and to improve the performance of the Internet connection .

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One of the most famous and well-known programs worldwide to perform wireless network audits. With it you have the opportunity to know what are the failures that presents your local network and from there start to take the necessary solutions to improve the performance of it .

Surely at some point you have made use of WEP or WPA security, being a security method used by this software. In addition, Aircrack is used to crack WEP or WPA passwords , generate graphics of an access point, capture packets traveling between different routers , and detect false access points .

Download Aircrack Windows



Another tool that will help you analyze the behavior and performance of your WiFi network is PixieWPS , which allows you to crack a WPS PIN without the need to constantly throw PINs at the router, thus offering you an easy and simple way, allowing you to crack only in the second .

In addition, you can get different functions with which you can evaluate each of the factors in your network , looking for which points are having failures and may be causing slower speed or connection problems .

Download PixieWPS Windows



If you are looking for a way to find out if your access point is having problems or is vulnerable to the WPS protocol , then with this application you can start to analyze all these factors and at the same time discover each of the bugs that are generating some delay in the operation of the network .

With this app you have the opportunity to test the connection to a WiFi access point, calculate with various algorithms the MAC address of the device , as well as any other PIN that is included in the local database. You also have the opportunity to see if the access point has a WPS protocol enabled and what might be affecting your performance . This app is available from the Android store completely free of charge.


DownloadQR-CodeWIFI WPS WPA TESTERDeveloper:Sangiorgi SrlPrice:Free

Wash and Reaver

Two different tools that are in the same package, both work with the WPS protocol and are used to be able to check the security of the WPS we use. Both have been characterised in recent years by their excellent performance and by the fact that they offer accurate and reliable results.

So Wash has the main function of being able to determine if the router or access point has the WPS protocol enabled , giving you the option of disabling it to improve performance. It is also important to mention that this WPS protocol has a self-locking feature after several failed attempts.

On the other hand, Reaver is responsible for analysing different access keys to see if any of them have WPS activated . This will allow you to retrieve the two PINs and thereby regain the WPA/WPA2 password by configuring it on your own router.

Download Wash and Reaver Linux



This application will give you the opportunity to audit a WiFi network using the WPS protocol of the routers . This is one of the latest apps to be launched on the Google Play Store to perform this type of function, which will help you improve the performance of your wireless network by detecting every single fault. It also gives you the ability to test WPS PINs across your phone’s own network.

WPSPIN can be downloaded completely free from the Android store, but includes advertising which can be a bit tedious for users. Although, it also offers a paid and ad-free version in case you want to make use of it more comfortably.

WPSPIN. WPS Wireless Scanner.

DownloadQR-CodeWPSPIN. WPS Wireless Scanner Developer:BUCKYNETPrice:Free

Kali Linnux Nethunter

Finally, we present Kali Linux Nethunter for Android , which was distributed by Kali Linux and adapted for Android’s mobile devices , is not an application itself. It will help you perform all the necessary analysis on your wireless network to start detecting every single bug on your network.

All this allows you to perform and complete a wireless audit directly from your smartphone . It also has other functions and tools that will help you to achieve very good results in a very simple and fast way.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and for sure it will be of a great help for other members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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