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Today, Facebook is considered one of the social networks with the greatest expansion worldwide. Although it began as a platform to connect university students and facilitate contact between them, is now practically a virtual white page where you can locate anyone .

Therefore, any user with an account on this social site has a long list of contacts including family, old friends, new friends, work acquaintances, etc. However, Facebook is also used to find new and old friends .

Consequently, being such a populated social network, it makes it easy to find anyone regardless of their location. But, many users don’t know how to launch this search, in some cases, since can be found with many similar matches , so here we show you several tricks to simplify the search of people on Facebook .

Steps to search and find new and old friends on Facebook

Because Facebook has its own integrated search engine, users usually choose to start their inquiry from that search bar. Therefore, it can be considered a relatively easy process .

However, the truth is that once you type in the first and last name of the person you are looking for, you can find many matches and at that point, the search may take a little longer . This is because the vast majority of people in the world have an active account on this social network and of course there are many people with the same first and last names, believe it or not.

Indeed, it is advisable to make use of other methods to search for and find friends , regardless of whether they are old or new. Best of all, these methods are also simple to execute, and here they are with each of their steps :

From other friends’ accounts

Desde otras cuentas de amigos

Even though you require the help of another person to carry out the search, it is a very effective alternative to find both new and old friends on the social network.

To do this, you simply have to do the following:

  • First of all, ask one of your friends to lend you their Facebook account credentials and login from any browser . You need to be a person with whom you have common friends in real life and well, share both old and new friends.
  • Then, go to their profile and go to the section ” Friends “. Which, is located at the bottom of the cover photo.
  • Finally, stay in the section that says ” All friends ” and in the search engine that contains the page there, you can enter the name of the person you want to find, specifically or you can also search through the entire list of friends , the users who are also your partners.

Although the latter is considered a long process, is ideal for finding a good number of friends and even those you don’t even remember.

Apply friend search filters

Aplicar filtros de búsqueda de amigos

This is a method that you must use from your own Facebook account and allows you to perform a more detailed search than in the previous case . This alternative means that you don’t have to keep only the friendship suggestions that the social network automatically shows you.

The steps to follow for this, are the following:

  • To get started, go to your Facebook profile and look for the ” Friends ” section, as recommended above.
  • After this, you will see that at the top there is a button identified as ” + Find Friends “, which you must click in order to start the search of this type.
  • You will then be redirected to a new window where you are shown the friend requests you have , in case you have received them. Like, some friend suggestions from people you might know. This is generated from the things you have in common, whether it is a good number of friends in common, the places where you have worked, where you live, where you study, etc.
  • In addition to the above, in the ” Search friends ” section you have a practical and simple form that allows you to refine your search . So you can indicate the name of the person, their hometown, their current city, if they have friends in common, the institute or university where they study or have studied, the company where they work, etc.
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Thanks to this form, the search process can be faster and easier , as it gives you much more accurate results.

Find by email

Encontrar mediante correo electrónico

There are two ways to perform this type of search. The first, and perhaps the one you find on several websites, is via the ” Friends ” section through an option identified as ” Add personal contacts “, but this may not appear to some users and therefore complicate the search process.

On the other hand, the option we will indicate here is the other way to get new or old friends by using their email address . Please note that this will only be successful if the email address you enter is the one that the person has registered with the social network to open their account. Otherwise, FB will not show you matches that match what you are actually looking for.

So, the steps to follow are these:

  • Log into your Facebook account and click on the search bar, i.e. in the text field that says ” Search ” in the Home section or at the top of the ” Recent News “.
  • Then, type in the email address of the user you want to search for . You must enter it completely and without error, because FB does not have the ability to search for parts of email addresses and does not show you similar results if you mistype this.
  • Once you have entered this, click on ” See all results for… “, at the bottom of the small drop-down menu. From there, the system will search for profiles matching that email address on Facebook .
  • Finally, if you don’t make a mistake when entering the email and it belongs to the user you are looking for, the person’s account will appear in the list of results and when you access their profile, you can click ” Add friend ” if you want to have them in your list of friends and chat with this person.

By Related Groups

Por Grupos afines

With the large number of groups created on this social network, it is now also very easy to locate anyone through these groups. Therefore, if you can’t find the user using the above tricks, you can use this alternative, with which you must verify that they are Facebook groups that may have in common , just to make it easier.

These groups can be from the college, university or institute where they both studied, also from the company where they worked or even commercial groups belonging to the city where they both reside.

Por Grupos afines

To do this, perform the following step-by-step:

  • Locate yourself in the ” Groups ” section located within the ” Explore ” section in the vertical bar on the left hand side of the recent news feed in the Home page of your Facebook account.
  • You will then be redirected to a new window where you can see all the groups you belong to . In addition, different categories and suggestions for you that can help you find a friend.
  • Finally, enter the groups in common with the person in question and in the part ” Members ” you can use the slash ” Search for a member ” and enter the name of the person or browse through the list of people who belong to this group.

By city or location

Por ciudad o ubicación

Another way to perform a simple search on this social network to locate an old or new friend, is by means of location . Bearing in mind that, from this section, Facebook allows you to select a specific city or location to find more specific results and through this, you will surely get whoever you want.

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So, the step-by-step approach is as follows:

  • In the section of your Facebook account , go to the search bar at the top and enter the full or partial name of the user you want to find .
  • Then click on ” See all results for… “, which will show you all the possible matches found in the FB database.
  • Now, you can click on the ” People ” section at the top in the third position of all options. However, to have more options, it is recommended that you stay in the section ” All ” which is at the top.
  • Now, you can see that, on the left hand side, there is a vertical section called ” Filter results “, which you will use to locate one person per city.
  • In that section, go down to the option that says ” Tagged location “, which is the one that will allow you to enter the specific location.
  • To finish, click on the option ” Choose location ” and in this one, they allow you to write the city that you want, to later press the button ” Enter “, so that they will show you the people that match the name that you entered and this location.

How do I find new friends on Facebook without being registered on the social network?

Although this is a social network where most people in the world have an active account, there are still people who are not registered on this social network and do not want to be either. However, sometimes these people wish to find friends on Facebook in a way that does not require them to create an account and, although it seems impossible, it is not.

Since there are several tricks to performing this type of search on the social network today, the most common are using Google search commands , as well as using websites that facilitate this .

Here’s how to do it:

Using Google search commands

Usando los comandos de búsqueda de Google

For quite some time now, Google has been handling a large number of commands that allow you to refine your searches through the web browser . In other words, this platform places at your disposal various search commands with which you can be more specific and achieve what you need more quickly.

On this occasion, we will use the word inclusion command , from which we will be able to find a known Facebook user, even if you don’t have an active account on this social platform. The include command simply consists of adding a plus sign (+) right next to your search.

Fortunately, the process that you have to carry out is very simple and only, you must keep in mind that, at the moment of carrying out this type of search, you must not make any mistake when entering the concrete data of the person .

This does the following:

  • On your computer, proceed to open the Google search engine and click on the search bar.
  • Once there, you must write the name of the person you want to get, followed by the plus sign (+) and after that, enter the word ” Facebook ” and another additional piece of information, if you like. This data could be your hometown, the school or university where you study, the place of work, etc.
  • To finish, simply click on the search magnifying glass or press the Enter key and immediately, the results that match it will appear. You can then enter these profiles (usually in the first option) and find out if any of them are the user you are looking for.

Using external websites and applications

Another great solution for finding new friends on Facebook without having an account there, is using different websites or applications that allow you to search for people . These are generally known as people search engines and always give good results. Because, they work in order to perform a search on social networks and from this, find all the information about a certain user.

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Although it is true, most of these online platforms work in a very similar way and have the ability to find a Facebook or LinkedIn profile and even locate the names of the person you are looking for, in personal blogs or on websites, in case they have been mentioned. In addition to this, there are some websites that show pictures of the people and some clues to contact them.

Usando webs y aplicaciones externas

In order to show you how it works, we will use Pipl and here are the steps to follow:

  • From any web browser, access this site with the following web address: Pipl.com . You will see that it is a very simple platform, with an interesting design and the best of all, is that is completely in Spanish .
  • Once you are inside the home page, you have to go to the search bar where you can enter the full or partial name of the person , as well as the phone number or email.
  • In order to further filter the results, it also has a bar where you can enter the location of this person and to make the process faster and more specific, we recommend that you enter the city where this person lives.
  • Then click on the search magnifier or press Enter and within seconds, you will be shown all the matching results .

There are also other external websites that we recommend to you to find new or old friends , without having to register on a social network like Facebook:

  • Yasni.com : This is a website in Spanish that allows you to enter the name, surname or nickname of a person to locate them.
  • WebMii.com : Another of the most used solutions to search for a person through his/her name and surname. This one is also in Spanish.
  • PeekYou.com : Although this is in English, it is a good alternative to locate a user using their first name, last name, location, alias or phone number.

How do I use Advanced Search within Facebook to find new friends?

Cómo usar la búsqueda avanzada dentro de Facebook para buscar nuevos amigos

Previously, Facebook users could use an advanced search tool that, luckily for many, allowed them to find everything exactly , even if you were not clear about the precise name of the person to search. This function even offered the possibility to locate sites, restaurants, etc. That you had been recommended by someone and whose name you did not remember well.

This was because it had several search filters in a column that was identified as ” Result Type “, which appeared after entering any data in the search bar at the top of the Home page. Here you would find: Top Results, People, Pages, Places, Groups, Applications and Events .

However, the possibility of doing a ” Advanced Search ” within Facebook, disappeared from the year 2016 . Since, like everything else on the Internet, this social network has had many updates with which it has removed various tools. As a result, it is no longer possible to carry out advanced searches in 2019 when making any queries within the social network.

Indeed, it is best to be very skillful when performing a search on the corresponding bar. That is to say, in the recent news section. There, you can enter the person’s full name and, in addition, place the city where they live, the institute where they study, the company where they work, etc. For example: Pedro Perez + Town where he lives + Name of the institution or university + Name of the company (of course without entering the “+” signs).

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and for sure it will be of a great help for other members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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