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Tor has become the flagship of browsers that can more efficiently keep our data hidden from view while we browse the Internet.

There is a lot of information (some true, some not so much) about this browser , which is closely related to the Deep web . If we need to stay hidden we will have to meet certain requirements since the browser alone cannot do its job 100% poorly.

In this report we’ll bring you all the facts and truths you need to know about Tor, we’ll teach you the best tricks with which you’ll be able to navigate without any drawbacks while keeping you hidden from others at all times. We’ll also talk about Javascript and why we have to disable it.


Why doesn’t the Tor browser turn off cookies, and does it affect my privacy?

¨Por qu‚ el navegador Tor no desactiva las cookies? ¨Afecta a mi privacidad?

Tor Browser only works with session cookies , and permanent cookies such as ” As far as I know ” (AFAIK) are considered session cookies.

In principle our security would not be so compromised according to this system, but as there are other factors that also determine the level of privacy, not only, it is advisable to delete cookies and verify that self-destructive cookies do not really exist at the time of closing a session.

If we want to remove the session cookies before starting Tor again, we’ll need to change the settings.

To do this, we will go to the drawing of the onion and select ” New identity “, this way we can access again as if it was the first time we entered.

How do I disable JavaScript in the Tor browser to be even more secure?

In order to disable JavaScript we’ll need to follow these steps:

  • We start the software.
  • Select the icon ” S ” in the address bar, which corresponds to Noscript
  • We click on ” Option
  • We are looking for ” General
  • Click on ” Script
  • We choose ” Default

There is another way to use the ” JavaScript Switcher ” tool which we will add to the browser and use to enable or disable JavaScript.

We will do this procedure:

  • We installed ” JavaScript Switcher
  • Click on ” Menu
  • We selected ” Add-ens
  • Type in the search bar ” JavaScript Switcher
  • We chose the first option
  • We click on ” Add to Firefox
  • Select ” Add
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There is a third way to disable JavaScript, and that is through a manual procedure directly in Tor.

To be able to do this step we will perform the following procedure :

  • In the address bar we write ” about: config
  • We selected ” I accept the risk !”
  • We write in the bar ” enabled
  • And we activate through ” False

Top 15 Tips and Tricks to get the most out of Tor Browser

Los mejores 15 trucos y tips para sacarle el m ximo provecho a Tor Browser

The following are the best tricks you can find about the browser, with them you will become an expert in hidden navigation:

Anonymity to navigate

The main meaning, or rather the essential feature that the Tor browser has is precisely not to expose our data to the members of the Internet network through the autonomy and security protocols.

To do this, we will need to work with different data than we frequently use on other websites. We can use temporary emails and any aliases we don’t use on other sites . We also cannot use the alias we have in Tor in other browsers that are not secure.

Crypto coins

It is advisable not to use real currencies when you want to make operations but this kind of virtual currencies to maintain our anonymity.

Banks or financial institutions

Something that is too logical, but necessary to recommend, is that if we want to continue surfing without them knowing our data we cannot interact with banks or any official organization that have the same characteristics, since they will ask us to identify ourselves and you will lose the sense of surfing in Tor.

Tor Safety

It is said that this browser is as secure as any VPN , but being a browser it also works with Script, that is to say it is a reliable tool as far as its security is concerned, but with some limitations if we don’t pay attention to some details.

The problem arises when our operating system is not updated , making it vulnerable to intruders. When we browse a vulnerable Tor operating system, it cannot perform the function we ask it to perform, which is to maintain our privacy 100%.

Sailing time

Although when we access the browser, our IP changes to one that is probably thousands of miles away from our location, thus obtaining great peace of mind in the non-identification of our computer, we should not abuse this situation .

It has been verified that when navigating from the same computer, to the same web pages, or close to the same location with the same device, they have been able to determine the real origin of the computer and the identity of the user.

Social networking

Precisely the point of browsing through Tor is not to identify ourselves , if we need to enter one of our social networks, Torno can do its job because we have to register.

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Use of browsers

Both the deep web and the traditional Internet provide us with different browsers that keep our real identification hidden. If we use a different kind of browser, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer (and have to redirect to another site) , there is no point in browsing Tor, because these browsers can easily identify us through their cookies.

Incorporating Raspberry Pi with Tor Browser

We can install a router, or “Raspberry Pi” at the Internet gateway, so that once we’ve downloaded Tor we can pass all the data packets through Raspberry Pi and stay hidden.

To configure Raspberry Pi :

  • We open the command line for Raspberry Pi
  • We write ” sudo apt-get update
  • Accept
  • Then we write ” sudo apt-get install iptables-persistent git
  • Accept
  • We selected ” Yes
  • Accept

Once we have Raspberry Pi configured, we would have to turn it into the gateway for this we will need this Script :

  • We write ” git clone https://github.com/unixabg/RPI-Wireless-Hotspot.git
  • Accept
  • Then ” sudo ./install
  • Accept
  • Follow the configuration instructions

We already have Raspberry Pi set up as an access.

It will do these steps :

  • We write ” sudo apt-get install tor
  • Game ” sudo nano /etc/tor/torrc
  • And we selected ” Ctrl + X

The last thing we need to do is tell the router what traffic we’re going to send to the Internet through the Tor software

Update Tor Browser

It is necessary to have permanently updated the browser, since with this we will avoid that our real IP can be detected through leaks that many times can be produced by vulnerabilities in other computers.


We recommend that you do not use Tor with Windows operating systems; the weaknesses in the operating system’s library, which is based on the C++ (TBB) templates, have the most points that can be hacked into.

Remove JavaScript, Java and Flash

It is advisable to disable these programs, since they do not maintain a certain level of privacy that we are requiring. If any web page uses any of these programs, we recommend not opening its URL.

Using Linux

To increase Tor’s efficiency, it’s a good idea to work through the Linux operating system, programming it so that it’s compatible with the latest versions of Tor.

Also, we will have to consider adding Privoxy which will work very well as a proxy and choose Tails or Whonix .

Delete cookies

It is advisable to delete all cookies permanently, as there could be a gateway to our computer’s vulnerability through TBB or Tails (which we recommend working with). These types of cookies include not only self-destructive but also session cookies.

Mobile phone

We recommend, to maintain absolute privacy, not to have our mobile phone in the same place that we’re accessing it through Tor; this simply means that, if we don’t want to be identified, many times we can be identified through our phone that has applications for that purpose.

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Storage units

In order for Tor to do its job efficiently and have our privacy highly guarded, we’ll also need the storage units to be encrypted by configuring them through Linux.

How do I download Tor?

We’ve already explained the different features of the Tor browser, now all you need to do is download it. Through the following links, you can get it for Windows or MacOS, depending on your operating system:

Download Tor Browser Windows

Download Tor Browser MacOS


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and for sure it will be of a great help for other members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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