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Surely you have heard many times about the different networks in 3G, 4G and now about 5G being totally new for all users. And as technology advances, these networks are also showing growth and that is why we have begun to design the new network in 5G which is planned to be launched on the market in the year 2020.

It is quite possible that I will ask you what 3G, 4G or 5G means, basically it is about the generations that these networks are going through in the mobile devices, where each one of them is improving and presenting tools that the previous one doesn’t have. This with the aim of improving the experience for each of its users.

Because of this, you can often hear the various mobile operators say that 4G networks are much faster than 3G networks , indicating that this new 5G network will be much more efficient than its previous version. So here we’ll show you what the main differences are between these two versions so you can find out which one is the best.


What is the 4G mobile connection and what features does it have?

¿Qué es la conexión móvil 4G y qué características tiene?

Today, mobile devices are not only used to make calls and text messages , but this has gradually been pushed into the background. This being the case, these devices have become much more popular on the Internet .

That’s why they are mostly used for either surfing or using a set of social networks available on the market. This is where these different mobile connections such as the 4G were born.

When we talk about the 4G connection we are simply referring to the fourth generation of technology in Smartphones . With it you can have a better speed when surfing , as well as data downloads on the network and a much wider coverage . This type of network has been created to meet the different needs of each user.

Among the main characteristics of a mobile connection in 4G we can find the following:

  • Higher speed when navigating from the mobile.
  • It offers a wider coverage .
  • One better dispersion.
  • In order to enjoy the 4G service the mobile device must be compatible.
  • Allows you to share files such as photos, videos, audios at a higher speed.
  • Watch streaming videos without interruption.
  • Access content in the cloud at high speed.
  • Connectivity through heterogeneous networks of different sizes.
  • High quality of services.

What is the 5G connection and what features does it have?

¿Qué es la conexión 5G y qué características tiene?

It should be noted that there are still many telephone companies that have not yet managed to make the switch to 4G network connection. However, this has not been a drawback for the launch of the connection in 5G, which will be coming to the market as the new mobile technology, which has the function of offering great advances towards digitalization through a large set of services.

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This new technology will reach the market by 2020 and with it the arrival of new technological tools that will complement the existing ones, as well as new functions that will allow to satisfy any need giving a great technological jump in the world. It is therefore considered that this will generate a great impact on millions of users around the world, thus enabling a greater speed as well as an improvement in the whole service in general.

But in itself, when we talk about the new technology in 5G we are referring to a new standard service of wireless broadband, which is in charge of transmitting mobile data. It is estimated that in two years when it is launched it will replace the current network in 4G in its entirety. The objective is that this new mobile technology allows for a higher Internet speed , as well as a greater coverage, among many other functions.

According to all this, here we present you the main characteristics of this new connection:

  • It has a 100% signal coverage.
  • Its data rate will reach 10 Gbps, being thus 10 to 100 times more powerful than networks in 4G and 4.5G.
  • Broadband about 1000 times faster than the previous ones.
  • Reduces equipment consumption by 90%.
  • It will increase the battery life due to the low consumption of the Internet.
  • Latency of 1 millisecond.
  • It has a 99.99% availability.

Main differences between 4G and 5G networks

Principales diferencias entre redes 4G y 5G

According to all this, here we present you the main differences between the 4G networks already existing in the market and the most advanced ones at the moment with the 5G soon to be released and which is expected to replace in its totality the 4G .


One of the main differences we will find between the two connections will be the speed of your service, currently the mobile connection in 4G offers a speed of 21Mbps. While the new technology to be launched on the market will have an unimaginable speed for its users, thus offering speeds between 100 and 1000 times more than 10 GBps per second . This will significantly speed up browsing and downloading.

Improving Internet Service (LoT)

With the new technology in 5G it will be possible to facilitate the connection to Internet in all types of devices and sensors, managing to overcome all the current barriers that the 4G network could not overcome.

Best user experience

The 5G network will allow its users to have a greater coverage than the 4G, that is to say, they will have better connection at high speeds, enclosed places, basements, trains, or in the urban nuclei , thus offering a better experience to the different users.

Optimizing resources

With the application of this new tool for connection to mobile phones, the different telephone companies will be forced to implement infrastructures that will improve the connection in the different rural areas, which will provide a wider coverage, faster and with less effort than 4G .

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This way we present you the advantages that you can obtain using either the 4G or 5G connection.

In 4G you can get the following advantages:

  • The 4G connection improves the quality and speed of the network at present.
  • It provides better coverage than any of the previous generations.
  • It’s much faster than the 3G

In 5G you can get the following advantages:

  • One higher download speed in multimedia content.
  • It allows you to have a much more stable connection anywhere.
  • It will allow information channels to have more content available , thus improving the Internet of things.


As every tool that exists also has its disadvantages, that’s why here we explain what the disadvantages are that you can get by using one of these two mobile networks.

In the case of 4G you may encounter these drawbacks:

  • Its services can be enjoyed in only certain places.
  • As it is faster than previous generations, it can cause a higher consumption of data , as well as cause an additional expense.
  • Depending on the use of the Smartphone it can be profitable to have a 4G connection or not.

In the case of the new technology that is about to come on the market, here we present the main disadvantages of what will be the network in 5G mobile

  • It will present a incompatibility with all previous equipment.
  • It will generate a high cost in the infrastructure in 5G .


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and for sure it will be of a great help for other members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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