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Security on the Internet is becoming more and more compromised every day, which is why 90 out of 100 of us who are part of this great community, are concerned about the security of our navigation .

Just as security grows so does cyber attack or cyber crime , it can be said that both grow with each other . or not the programs that save the most information from us are the browsers , a fact that forces us to use a reliable browser with respect to saving our information.

For this reason we are going to show you the different browsers you can use for this , with a list of 10 browsers you will have to choose the one that best suits your needs.


What are the advantages of surfing the Internet using a private and secure browser?

For a long time people have been able to browse the internet , but believe it or not, a trace of our passage through the web is always left behind when we use it, this trace is due to the browser we use . Many people consider a good browser to be one that guarantees fast and comfortable browsing. However, other people have reconsidered calling the one that provides the greatest possible security a good browser.

Today the issue of security continues to grow, and it is something that everyone wants to have, for this reason Internet browsing and data protection could not be left out of this content . Currently, there are many types of browsers classified by speed, comfort, ease of use, security and even style, although it is considered that there is no such thing as 100% security, which is why many people still believe that safe surfing on the Internet is impossible.

Safe surfing on the internet , includes actions that literally allow some people to pass through websites without being noticed , as well as allowing encryption of each of the activities we perform , other browsers only try to leave the least amount of traces to avoid detection. Safe surfing goes beyond that, it also allows people outside of you such as hackers or others to obtain your personal information.

In addition, browsing using a secure browser allows you to rest assured that this will be your first line of defense against malware that may be contained in the files you download. In addition, you can add different extensions and components to enhance it .

List of the safest browsers for Android, Windows, iPhone and Mac

As we mentioned before, you can browse safely with some of the browsers provided by this service , if you don’t know which are the different browsers you can use here we leave you with a list of 10 of them, which we might consider the best, the choice is yours.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

This is a browser that has become well known not only for its speed but also for its style and ease of use. In fact, according to the latest surveys conducted, this browser is used by 70% of Internet users worldwide .

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This browser has a model that allows you to create a user initiated with an email which saves in a cloud all the navigation data and not only that, also all your passwords, allowing a wide security so that nobody can access them.

Another feature that makes it a leader among browsers is its security alert system, displaying a warning of any page that does not meet the standards of a safe and reliable page , as well as this alert notifies the user when a download is desired and the user must give approval to proceed.

This browser can be very powerful in security matters if you know how to use it . It has an extensive catalogue of extensions for blocking malicious ads, analysing each document downloaded or changing your IP to that of another country. Not to mention several interesting features such as the ability to block pop-up windows .

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

This is a browser which can be said to be Chrome’s competition as it not only meets similar characteristics but also keeps improving on them.

Some of its tools and features are :

  • Linux Sandboxing : which prevents piracy attempts and any other.
  • Tracking protection : component tracking blocks
  • Enhanced Control Center : offers the customization of numerous configurations to ensure a safe browsing session
  • Recommended Contextual Features (CFR) : recommends a plug-in based on the user’s browsing experience
  • Firefox warns the victim if their personal data is involved in a violation.

These are also enhanced by a extensive catalogue of anti-virus, AdsBlock or VPN plug-ins . In fact, many of the Chrome developers also have a version for Mozilla.



Very well known although not as high as Chrome and Firefox, but this is because it is a very young browser. It is acquired by the company SurfEasy which is an American company dedicated to online privacy, and has features such as :

  • Offers free services : although many believe that this is a paid service all its extensions and all of it is completely free
  • Provides valuable information about the page : Explains in detail how to use it and how to improve its functions.
  • Warns against malicious websites : thanks to this system you can avoid being infected by a malicious virus or having your personal information stolen.
  • Provides an option to block / allow ads : feature that makes it unique and interesting to the community that does not like annoying ads.

Although the Opera interface has all the tools you might need (VPN, AdsBlock, Whatsapp Web and virus scanner are integrated at the factory), it is good to know that this browser has its own store of add-ons and extensions that allow you to enhance the ones it already has .

Internet Explorer


This browser has already outgrown its popularity season but is considered one of the browsers with the highest malware detection rate . Although it seems almost dead as this one is not, as currently 3.05% of users still use it as they believe in IE.

Although many people “bully” him because he was one of the slowest in the past, it must be made clear that if there is one thing that characterizes him, it is safety. This was the first browser to integrate a pop-up blocking function, which would be replicated by today’s market leaders. Perhaps its only sin is that it doesn’t have extensions that are compatible with those of Chrome and Firefox .

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

This is a browser found on Windows 10 by default, and thanks to its constant updates is considered the most secure browser . Many cyber security professionals consider Microsoft to be one of the safest ways to surf the internet today, adding that according to the Certification Authority Security Council , Microsoft Edge is the browser that provides the safest and fastest browsing experience.

This has characteristics such as:

  • Windows Defender SmartScreen Technology : helps detect phishing websites better than Chrome or Firefox
  • Sandboxing technique : separate running programs to avoid software vulnerabilities.
  • Password management functions : works in conjunction with the Windows 10 password security system



This is not a very famous browser, nor does it have the most complex security system, but it is constantly being improved and for the moment has quickly solved all the security flaws that it has presented. It is specially developed for Apple MacOS computers .

This one does not have many features that make it safe, however its few features allow you to sail without so much worry.

  • Allows you to identify advertisers : with this feature you avoid those suffocating advertisements of some site on the internet.
  • Helps to detect malicious code : by keeping this feature active, no virus can enter or steal your information through any website.
  • Warns you when you visit a malicious website : checks the security certificates (SSL) of the site and if these are not very reliable freezes access until the user gives a consent to continue regardless of the consequences.
  • Avoids the collection and storage of information related to navigation.

Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser

This is commonly known as Epic Privacy Browser, and is based on Chromium’s open source project Google Chrome . This wonderful browser even though many don’t know it’s system has different features that make it unique and important when it comes to safe internet browsing.

Your navigation is practically kept private and has the functions of no tracking , which means that after you close your browser it deletes from its storage all the information entered in it during navigation .

For those who want security and know what they are talking about, this browser is highly recommended. Although it does not have a good style like the previous ones, it is very effective in its work. However, compensates for this with the fact that it also allows you to disable the encrypted proxy that protects the IP address .

Its only disadvantage is that for now it is not allowed to install add-ons, as the company considers add-ons to be a safety hazard.

Comodo Dragon


Like the browser just mentioned this one is based on Chromium project, and includes all the chrome functions, besides it guarantees an excellent security during its use to surf the web.

Some features that make this browser important are

  • Blocks cookies and other tracking technologies , thus preventing them from following the user who is permanently active on the website.
  • Stops browser download tracking .
  • Unlike the Epic browser it allows the use of add-ons , so you can say that it is a completely user-friendly browser.
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In addition, this browser has an integrated system that works like a VPN; encrypting your IP address to keep it as anonymous as possible.

Tor Navigator

Tor Browser

This is the favorite browser of all hackers, but this does not mean that it is because of its insecurity on the contrary it is because of its great encryption system that prevents the theft of user information by anyone else. See more about the Tor browser here.

Among its important features is:

  • Hides the IP address , locations and all information related to navigation.
  • Applies different layers of encryption thus preventing someone outside your navigation from seeing the activities you perform on it.
  • Automatic advertising and pop-up blocker : this browser does not allow invasive advertising to affect its users.

Bitdefender SafePay

Bitdefender SafePay

This is a highly recommended browser for internet purchases , or when used for online banking. In Spain they are used to prevent any cyber attacks. The reason it is so secure is because does not store any data about your browsing , which includes passwords and other information you may use when browsing.

This has two versions, one for payment and use for free. However, the free use method is very comprehensive. The payment method meets the same requirements but also protects even the Wifi keys you use to surf the internet .

Qubes OS


It is not exactly a browser, but an operating system dedicated to increasing the levels of security and privacy in every way, especially when it comes to online browsing. To this end, it implements the concept of isolation in which, with the use of virtual machines, it creates a dedicated environment for each application executed in it .

Qubes is a system that is based on the premise that there are no operating systems without errors and vulnerabilities, no matter how many updates are made to them. For this reason the best way to run software safely is to isolate them in dedicated environments where no one but the user can access them.



Tails is a Linux distribution created to improve online security in every way. It uses Tor Browser as its default browser, but with the advantage of using its AppArmor tool to completely isolate it while being used .

The Tor browser is very good, but by itself it’s not enough to guarantee the security of the user’s data, so you’ll always need to run it on as secure an operating system as possible. In addition to this, also implement HTTPS encryption using HTTPS Everywhere .

Historical evolution of browser use from 1996 to 2019

Video player00:0001:39 Use of Internet browsers (1996-2019)


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and for sure it will be of a great help for other members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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