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While it is true that one of the most widely used tools for sharing information of any kind and sending documents or text of interest, are emails . But, beyond the famous web mail clients as complete as Gmail or Outlook, there are other alternatives developed by third parties for this, which are even offline.

Thus, they have multiple functions and among them, the most essential one is the possibility of giving you the greatest simplicity so that you can manage all your accounts in one place . Whether they are accounts for personal, commercial or work use. So you can receive and compose emails from a single mailbox .

For this and much more, here’s a more detailed definition of what an email client is, and also the best solutions you can use for it , along with their most interesting features.


What is an email client?

Among so many definitions, it can be said that an email service is a kind of computer program that is used to manage email user accounts with great ease . This way, the email service communicates with the mail server to collect the messages that have arrived in the mailbox and then displays them in an orderly manner to access and decode them .

In this sense, basically what an email client does is read and send messages that are stored on the same machine where it is executed. Consequently, it also allows you to read and write them offline or ” offline “. In addition, there are options that in addition to manage messages , also integrate with other applications of interest such as messaging, social networks, calendars, RSS , etc.

Top 10 free and paid email clients and managers list

However, you need to know some of the best email managers that have features that are really good for you. Thus, is both a paid option and a completely free one , depending on the requirements of each user. To find out more about them, we have listed them below:

Opera Mail

As its name suggests, it is an email client designed by the Opera web browser . Thus, it refers to an open source tool that is fully customizable and very lightweight, with Windows compatibility. In addition, it is considered an excellent alternative because it is a fully manageable software for reading the emails you receive, easily.

Among other details, Opera Mail contains options to perform filtering and thus more quickly locate the emails you need or want to read. It also adds message templates for commercial use , as well as message sorting by type and many other customization alternatives.

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Mozilla Thunderbird

It is an email client developed by the same creators of the Mozilla Firefox browser . This client has a large number of functionalities and features that allow to optimise a wide range of third party add-ons in order to offer a more complete experience to its users.

In this sense, as well as allowing you to read, send and manage emails quickly and easily, it also incorporates the ability to link files that are too heavy for email . It also allows you to read RSS news feeds with your email account only and maintains a simple configuration where you are only asked for your username and password, as Mozilla Thunderbird takes care of the rest.


This is an alternative exclusively for the Apple operating system , i.e. for iOS devices. This email client is considered to be one of the best solutions and as a result is likely to dominate the industry in the not too distant future . Because, it has a lot of options that go beyond managing the inbox. Taking into account also that, exhibits a very attractive design .

In addition, Polymail has options such as postponing a received message so that it appears later , configuring an email to send it soon and even using a system that has the ability to notify when the email is received by the users you sent it to . It even adds options to cancel sending a message seconds after it has been sent.


Refers to a Windows, Linux and Mac compatible email client . However, it works better on the first operating system. Regarding the general characteristics of this option, we can say that it has been considered one of the best and easiest to use. Starting with it integrates perfectly with Hotmail, Gmail and all the accounts you want, thanks to its ideal support for IMAP and POP3,

In addition to the above, Mailbird features a unified inbox and presents xcellent integration with various messaging, management and calendaring applications . To use it, you can either use its free edition which adds less advanced features than its paid feature or select any supported cancellation method for a more complete experience with Mailbird .

EM client

This email client is available for Windows only and has great features for managing up to two email accounts at the same time , even with its free version.

In this respect, it should be noted that EM Client has been determined to be a similar experience to that provided by Microsoft with its Outlook client , but can go beyond this, thanks to other added options that guarantee an excellent experience for its users. Among its most valuable features, we find that integrates seamlessly with iCloud and Gmail . It also allows direct import from Outlook and Outlook Express.

Nylas Mail

It stands out for displaying one of the best designs that can be obtained in a mail client today. Therefore, although it is a new alternative, it is ideal to use this tool because even is above Mozilla Thunderbird , in terms of the functions it integrates. Step-by-step guide

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In addition, the platform offers several customization options from themes that you can use to modify its visual appearance to your liking . In addition, Nylas Mail is modular and you can install plugins of various types. It also has versions for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and is open source.


Also available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers , this email client offers completely free support to its users and is thus equipped with an excellent collection of plug-ins that modify and enhance the email experience to a great extent .

That way, Zimbra can provide you with an integrated search engine, task manager, contact book, calendar and many other interesting features. This means that, in short, is a totally simple solution but it is still very good.


It is considered one of the most advanced alternatives of this list, since it is designed for encrypted and digitally signed emails , so that they remain secure once they are shared with other users and through the Internet. For even greater security, INKY verifies the identity of each sender of mail .

In addition, it is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Android and IOS, and even works seamlessly within Gmail and Outlook . It also adds features such as fast search, cloud sync between devices, smart filtering by message type, automatic tagging and phishing protection , spoofing and forgery.

Windows 10 Mail

For all users of Windows 10 , this operating system has incorporated a new application that allows to manage multiple email accounts belonging to the world’s leading providers . In addition, it has other applications or additions such as calendar and contacts in a sectioned form.

Among its best features, we have found that it is a completely free email client and for the organization of emails in a perfect way, this mechanism allows to create and import folders directly from recognized services such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! And from your own domain, without any problem.

Claws Mail

Finally, we present you this alternative that besides being open source, is multiplatform because it is supported on Windows computers and also Linux . In this case, it is considered an ideal solution for those who are looking for a simpler platform. Thus, is based on GTK+ which is a set of libraries for developing graphical user interfaces, mainly for GNOME, XFCE and ROX graphical environments.

It also has a variety of additional features, including a calendar , a number of plugins for a more personalised experience and an RSS aggregator. As for its interface, we can say that it is very similar to the one displayed by Mozilla Thunderbird.


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and for sure it will be of a great help for other members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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