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Previously, only cable connections were used, in this case users did not suffer from channel interference problems as these do not exist , something that happens today on WiFi networks and which have been offered directly by the operators for some time now.

While connections over Ethernet are used for data exchange, wireless networks are used for several connections simultaneously , so these types of networks can have up to 13 channels available, however, not all of them are suitable in all cases.

Because there are so many channels available it increases the chances of interference between the different networks . That is why one of the most common solutions in this type of case is to change the channel . So here we will teach you a little more about what WiFi channels are and how they directly influence the network .


What is a WiFi channel and what are they for in my local network?

All this is directly related to the IEEE 802.11 standard , which is in charge of regulating all WiFi networks and, in addition, it was specified the three frequency ranges available for equipment that wants to emit this type of signal such as 2.4 GHz, 3.6 GHz and 5 GHz . These are numbers that you may have seen several times already and which are used by several devices these days.

Although it is important to mention that today most devices work with the frequency of 2.4 GHz. Each of these frequency ranges has a number of channels , so is the band of 2. 4 GHz is subdivided into 14 channels , although each geographical area has its own number of channels, is like this in Europe you work with a total of 13 channels , while in North America you work with 11 channels.

Each of these channels is usually separated by 5 MHz, but the reality is that each of them should have a distance between 22 MHz channel , which creates an overlap between each of them .

As you can see in the image shown above channel 1 overlaps with channels 2,3,4 and 5 , this means that equipment that emits its signal on one of those channels can generate interference . The same applies to channels 6,7,8,9 and 10 . That’s where the method of comes in, changing channels to improve the signal .

The most logical thing to do when the wireless signal is not working properly , is to change from the current channel to another that is being used less, thus avoiding that creates some kind of interference with other networks that could congest the operation of the same.

Therefore, WiFi channels are those that will tell you which frequency range you are in and also allow you to change channels whenever you have a very slow or unstable connection . This may be because is interfering with the signal .

Why are WiFi channels important and how do they influence signal quality?

Wireless networks can be affected by different types of interference, one of which is directly related to what is channel usage . This will depend on how many electronic devices are using the same channel for network communication .

In many cases it is not necessary that all users are using the same channel for the signal quality to be affected , but it can also be due to adjacent channels that are causing a frequency overlap .

This means that it is the channel that dictates the quality of the frequency that the user will receive , the less used it is the better the performance of the signal. This means that if around your home or workplace there are many wireless connections the chances are that several channels will be overloaded and others with more space.

This means that if you manage to switch to a channel that is lonelier and less congested, your connection speed will surely improve a lot, providing you with a better Internet service . This means that the frequency channels are extremely important for what is network performance and signal quality. However, you may be wondering: c or how can you tell on what channel your router is on? you can find out by following the section below.

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Steps to know which channel my router is using from the computer or mobile

Being able to know which channel the home router is using is very important, as this will allow you to know if the problem with your connection is due to interference caused by channel congestion .

According to this, here we are going to teach you how to perform this process from your Windows computer or from your smartphone, to do so follows in detail each of the methods that we will show you below:

From the computer

Being able to know that frequency channel is using the router at home is very important. If you have a computer with Windows Vista or Windows 7 or higher you will be able to perform the steps below:

  • The first thing to do is to open the console of “Commands”, to do this you select “Start” and type “CMD” in “Command Prompt”.
  • When you get the “Command Prompt” window on your screen you have to type the following command: netsh wlan show all and press the “Enter” key.
  • In the next window you will see which channel your WiFi network is on and you can also check the signal of your network , in this case you can see that is on channel 8 and with a signal of 87%, which means that this channel has almost no interference and is working correctly .

If you are one of the users who likes to see more graphics and things in more detail, then you can make use of some of the programs that exist on the internet today and which help users to know which frequency channel they are on. One of the most popular and reliable programs nowadays is “InSsider” , here you can find a very complete analysis with graphics so you can better understand everything that is going on.

InSsider will list all wireless networks within range of your computer , where will show you the power of each and its channel, as well as which channels are creating interference . This is a free app that you can start using now.

From your mobile phone

If you want to know what WiFi channel is using your router at home from your smartphone you can do it through a mobile app, currently there are many applications available for the Android operating system that will allow you to do this type of activity.

However, in this case we would like to recommend WiFi Analyzer , an app that will give you 100% reliable results where it will show you the signal quality of your network, the channels you have available, your current channel and how used they are .

In this case you will be able to see all this information through a graphic where you will be shown which channel is using your signal and which of them are overlapping. This way you can see how good or bad your frequency is and if it’s too busy the same app will allow you to switch channels .

What should I consider when choosing the ideal channel for my router’s signal?

All routers allow the user to choose the channel on which he wants the Internet signal to be transmitted , although some of these medium and high range devices have a system that analyses the electromagnetic spectrum which allows them to automatically configure the best channel to transmit the signal .

In order to get a good signal on the router and thus have excellent coverage and network performance, it is important that the network is on a channel with little interference.

This means that the more single channel the better the speed of the network. interference or congestion of WiFi channels is a very common problem in communities where there are many wireless signals , as well as in buildings where most inhabitants have their own networks.

When there is a problem with network congestion your service is most likely to present problems of: low speed, an unstable signal, loss of signal, constant disconnections, connection problems, among others. As there are 13 channels available in the case of Europe , there will always be those that are more congested and those that are more alone.

To be able to choose the right channel for the network connection , it is important to select the one that is most alone , the more alone the channel the better the coverage. Therefore, you can start using some tools to help you change your channel and look for the one that is less congested so you can start enjoying a stable connection at maximum speed .

Steps to set up my WiFi channels to avoid cuts and interference

Bearing in mind that d depending on the WiFi channel where the network is located will be its operation, it’s important to know what the steps are to be able to configure these channels and thus ensure that you always find the network in the one that is most alone. This will allow to avoid signal cuts and interference in the operation of the network.

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That’s why here we’re going to show you how to perform this procedure from your computer and smartphone, to do so follow each of the steps we explain below:

From the computer

If you want to configure the WiFi channel from your computer , here are some of the tools you can use to do this from your Windows, Linux or Mac computer, follow each of these steps:


If you have a computer with Windows operating system and you want to configure the connection channels to avoid interference with coverage , then you can choose to use InsSider , which we mentioned earlier, or simply use another application called Xirrus WiFi Inspector with which you can also get excellent results .

Another tool to choose from that will allow you to to nalize which channels are most congested is NirSoft WiFiInfoView , which will also allow you to switch channels. And finally you can use Acrylic WiFi , a free program that will also allow you to make all necessary configurations so you can enjoy an excellent Internet connection without interference or congestion .

In this case, you simply have to download some of these programs to your Windows computer , once downloaded and executed you simply have to access it and in the main menu you have to select the option “Analyze”, there you can see which channels are found most often and which ones are not , and that way you can choose the one that is lonelier so that you can improve the speed of your connection .

Download InsSider Windows

Download Acrylic WiFi Windows

Download WiFi Inspector Windows

Download WiFiInfoView Windows

From Linux

If you have a Linux computer then you can start selecting the least used channel as follows:

  • The first thing will be to open the terminal and there you must type the following command: sudo iwlist wlan scan I grep (Channel)
  • Now you simply have to analyze each of the channels and select the one that is less congested so that you can get an excellent performance and thus get a more stable and faster connection .


In the case of MACs, this operating system has its own integrated tool to allow its users to perform this process in a very simple and fast way .

To do this you must do the following:

  • To start you have to hold down the “Option” key and then select the “WiFi” icon that will appear in the menu bar.
  • Then select “Open wireless diagnostics”.
  • Now select the window menu and there choose “Utilities”, finally select “Scan WiFi”.
  • After a few seconds the same system will recommend which channels are the least congested and which provide the best speed, here you should select some of the recommended channels so you can start to improve your coverage and enjoy better network service .

Download WiFi Inspector MacOS

From your mobile phone

If you want to perform this configuration process from your smartphone , then you will be able to do it in a very simple and fast way, for this you must use the WiFi Analyzer application on Android mobile devices . To do this you must download it directly from “Google Play Store” .

Once is downloaded and installed on your mobile , the next step is to open it and analyse both the wireless networks and channels available according to your location . Once this has been detected, the app will suggest the best WiFi channel so you can configure the network , bearing in mind that choosing the loneliest one will improve the connection speed .

Wifi Analyzer
Wifi Analyzer
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

List of the best programs and applications to know which channel my WiFi is using

Today there are a lot of programs and applications for both computers and mobile phones that will allow you to perform a scan so you can know which channel your WiFi network is using. This will allow you to choose the one that is most convenient for you and can improve your connection speed.

Accordingly, here is a short list of the most recommended software for this procedure:


This is software that is currently available for Windows and Mac computers, and Android mobile devices . With it you will have the opportunity to get a display of all the networks and channels available near your location , this will help you make the right decision to select the channel that is most alone and that provides you with the best signal.

In addition, this program allows you to see what problems are affecting the performance of your connection and will help you to repair or remove them . In the same way you will receive recommendations on which channels you can use that are less affected by interference and dropouts. Therefore, you don’t need to be all a professional in this area so you can start having an excellent connection without so many interruptions .

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NetSpot WiFi Site Survey Tool
NetSpot WiFi Site Survey Tool
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


This is another program you can find currently available for Windows computers , with it you will have the opportunity to check each of WiFi channels and thus be able to choose the one that is less congested so you can improve your network connection . currently considered as one of the most powerful tools on the market and certainly worth using.

Download InsSider Android

WiFi Analyzer

One of the most popular Android apps and used throughout the operating system , it stands out as one of the most powerful tools for mobile devices when analyzing Wi-Fi networks , This is how you will have the opportunity to know that other networks are close to your location and what WiFi channels they are using as well as your network.

In this way, you will be able to move to the one that is more alone and thus avoid any kind of failure and interference that could affect the performance of it .

Wifi Analyzer
Wifi Analyzer
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


Another WiFi analyzer available for Windows computers, the same stands out for having a GPS support so you can track your location in real time , which will let you know which networks are close to your location and which channel your network is using . It also gives you recommendations so that you can select the channel that is least congested so that you can enjoy a good network connection .

WiFi Analyzer

Finally, we present you with this Android app with which you can also start carrying a complete analysis of everything that happens with your wireless network.

It allows you to have your connection optimized, analyze each of the channels so you can select the one that is most alone and with less interference , it supports 4 GHz and 5 GHz, it allows you to copy the Mac address, among many other functions that you will find available. An analyzer that will help you improve your network connection greatly, offering a better browsing speed .

5GHz WiFi The ultimate solution to channel interference problems?

With 5GHz WiFi technology, you can achieve greater benefits than previously with 2. 4 GHz were not available , and that is that one of the biggest advantages that this technology offers is that users can completely forget about the frequency problems caused by congestion of WiFi channels , since the number of networks that emits this frequency is very small , which makes the interference problems much less, being almost null and avoiding this type of inconvenience to users.

In addition, it allows to send data on several channels simultaneously without affecting the speed, but quite the opposite, the connection speed that can be obtained with 5GHz is much higher. Therefore, this standard becomes an alternative to end this interference problem , since it does not exist in it what is the overlapping of networks , allowing to eliminate all type of interference and congestion .

With all this in mind, here we will show you which derouter models you can currently find on the market that use this type of standard 5GHz, to do so follow the list we will show you below:

Archer C1200

This is a TP-Link dual band device, compatible with the 802 wireless standard. 11ac can work with speeds of 867 Mbps in the 5 GHz standard , while in the 2.4 GHz standard can work at speeds of 300 Mbps . This model has 3 antennas and 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN ports .


Fritz!box 4040

Fritz Box is another of the wireless router models capable of working with the 5GHz standard , which is capable of reaching a speed of 866 Mbps, and has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports .

Netgear Nighthawk X6

One of the most powerful routers currently capable of offering a three-band wireless connection , one of which is 4 GHz reaching speeds of 600 Mbps , and the other two 5 GHz bands reaching speeds of 1300 Mbps each, achieving a combined speed of 3200 Mbps .


A high-end Router launched until a few months ago, which offers the possibility for its users to experience the latest in wireless connectivity . It works with the 5 GHz standard offering a speed of up to 2534 Mbps , where it has 4 antennas to achieve better signal power.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and for sure it will be of a great help for other members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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